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How do you choose external storage on the go?

You want to expand the storage of your laptop, but still take your files with you everywhere. For example, to edit photos on location, to update large data sheets on the train, or to bring games to friends. On this page we'll help you choose external storage for the road.

External SSD: fast, small, and shockproof

External SSD on the go fast small shockproof

If you take your files with you, you naturally want a device that is as compact as possible. An external SSD is smaller and lighter than an external hard drive (HDD) and can therefore easily be carried in your pocket, jacket pocket, or bag. In addition, an SSD is also up to 10 times faster, which means you can also load large files in a fraction of a second. Due to the shock resistance, your files won't be damaged if, for example, the SSD moves back and forth in your bag.

  • Fast
  • Shockproof
  • Compact
  • Relatively high price

NAS: access to your own cloud everywhere

NAS personal cloud streaming distance

With an NAS, you create a personal cloud. This way you can also edit the files that you've uploaded on your computer on the road, on your phone or on your laptop (if you have access to WiFi). Via the internet you synchronize files with all your devices connected to the NAS. On phones and tablets, you often work from an app, with which you open the files that are on your NAS and also edit and save them.

  • Stream data wirelessly to devices
  • Your personal cloud
  • Lots of storage
  • Slower than SSD
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