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How do you choose the right record player?

The record player is back in full force. If you want to dig out your LPs from the attic or perhaps even buy a whole new collection, you need a record player. Since record players have many modern properties nowadays, we'll help you make the right choice in this article.

Choose a record player

How do you choose a record player

To prevent choice overload, we've listed the most important properties of a record player. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want an automatic record player?
  • Do you want integrated speakers?
  • Do you want an integrated preamplifier?
  • Do you want a USB port?
  • Do you want a headphone jack?
  • Do you want a retro design?

What kind of record player do you need?

Fully automatic record player

There are different types of record players. We've highlighted these below.

Fully automatic record player

This player performs every action necessary to play a record independently. Thnk of positioning and lowering the needle, for example.

Semi-automatic record player

With this player, some of the actions are performed automatically. In most cases, you position the needle yourself but it's automatically removed from the record when the music has ended.

Manual record player

This player doesn't do anything automatically. The advantage is that it uses few electronic applications that can disturb the audio signal.

Do you want integrated speakers?

Integrated speakers in the record player

A record player with integrated speakers is ready for use right away. There is no hassle with external speakers that you have to connect first. If you also choose a portable design, you can take the player anywhere. A disadvantage is that the sound quality isn't always optimal. With external HiFi speakers, you can listen to a more powerful and detailed sound.

Do you want an integrated preamplifier?

Record player with built-in preamp

Choose a record player with an integrated preamplifier if you don't want to use a separate amplifier or receiver. It has an output signal that is powerful enough to connect the record player directly to your speakers. This way, you can listen to your favorite LPs without external devices. If you choose a record player without a integrated preamplifier, make sure the external device has a phono input. You need this to connect the 2 devices.

Do you need a USB port?

Record player with USB port

Choose a record player with a USB port if you want to digitize your LPs. Depending on the record player, you can transfer the music of an LP to a connected USB flash drive. You can also connect the record player to your computer via a USB cable and store music. In some cases, you can even use the USB port to play music.

Do you need a headphone jack?

Record player with headphone connector

You prefer playing your rock-'n-roll records all day, but your neighbors or roommates are less thrilled by the idea. If you don't have this freedom, choose a record player with a headphone jack. That way, you can connect your headphones with a 3.5mm jack connector to the player and enjoy all your records in silence.

Do you want a retro design?

Retro record player

Vintage is cool and this is reflected in the design of record players. If you're looking for a striking eye-catcher for your room, choose a retro design.

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