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Compare the iPhone 12 back covers from Apple, Tech21, and Otterbox

Are you looking for a back cover for your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro, but do you find it difficult to choose? We compared the 3 most popular cases for iPhone 12 based on their level of protection and user-friendliness. It turns out that good protection comes at the expense of user-friendliness. Here, you can read which case is the best fit for your usage situation.

Apple iPhone 12 Back Cover with MagSafe

Original Apple accessory | Suitable for iPhone 12 / 12 Pro | Back cover
in stock
  • Thanks to the built-in magnet, this case works together optimally with MagSafe accessories.
  • This relatively small and lightweight case doesn't make your device much larger.
  • This case only offers standard protection and doesn't prevent fall damage.

Tech21 Evo Clear Apple iPhone 12 Back Cover

Suitable for the Apple iPhone 12 / 12 Pro | Back cover | Plastic (40% recycled)
in stock
  • This case offers more protection than the average phone case, also from fall damage.
  • The raised edges of the case prevent scratches on your screen.
  • This case works with Apple MagSafe.
  • It doesn't have protective covers for your charging port and speakers.

OtterBox Defender Apple iPhone 12 Back Cover

  • This case offers maximum protection for your smartphone, also from fall damage.
  • The protective covers keep dust or sand from entering your charging port.
  • Use the belt clip as a stand to place your device upright.
  • Because this case is relatively large, your smartphone doesn't fit in your pocket or bag as easily.
  • You can't use MagSafe accessories with this case.

Comparison Apple Silicone, Tech21 Evo Clear, and OtterBox Defender

Apple Silicone Tech21 Evo Clear OtterBox Defender
Fall protection No Yes, up to 3 meters high Yes, up to 2 meters high
Size Average Large Extra large
Works with MagSafe Yes, with built-in magnet Yes No
Raised edges No Yes Yes
Protective cover charging port No No Yes

Apple: minimal protection

Apple iPhone phone case

The Apple Silicone Back Cover mainly protects your device from scratches and light impact damage. This case doesn't offer fall protection. If you drop your iPhone on the curb outside, your device can get severely damaged. The case doesn't have raised edges and doesn't offer much protection for your screen. Your Lightning port and speakers aren't covered, so sand or dirt could get in.

Tech21: good protection

Apple iPhone 12 Tech21 phone case

With the Tech21 Evo Clear Back Cover, you protect your iPhone 12 from fall damage in the case of a fall from up to 3 meters high. Whether you drop your smartphone from the couch or it slips from your pocket while you cycle, this case absorbs the impact. The edges of the case come up higher than the screen. This prevents scratches when you place your device on the table with the screen facing down, for example. This case doesn't cover your Lightning port or speakers.

OtterBox: excellent protection

The robust OtterBox Defender offers excellent protection. The fall protection prevents damage caused by a fall. The thick edges hug your iPhone on all sides and come up higher than the screen. The protective covers prevent sand or dirt from getting into your charging port or speakers. This is convenient if your or spend a lot of time outdoors. The outer protective layer with belt clip fits on both the back and the front of the case. If you click it to the front, you also cover your screen.


Apple iPhone 12 case with MagSafe

Apple: with MagSafe magnet

The main advantage of this Apple case is the built-in MagSafe magnet. MagSafe is a new technology that lets you connect your accessories to your iPhone 12 magnetically. Thanks to the magnet in the case, this Apple back cover remains securely attached to your iPhone. You can also easily attach the Apple MagSafe cardholder or charger. This case is fairly thin and light, so your device can easily fit in your pocket. The downside is that this case is very smooth. As a result, your iPhone could slip out of your hands or slide off the couch.

Tech21 phone case iPhone 12

Tech21: average size, works with MagSafe

The Tech21 Evo Clear is slightly larger than the Apple Silicone, but it still fits in your bag or pocket. The case doesn't have a magnet, but your MagSafe accessories still work. They stay attached thanks to the magnet in your iPhone. But because the case doesn't have an extra magnet, the accessories might not be as firmly attached compared to the Apple back cover. This case is fairly stiff, so it takes some effort to get your device in or out.

OtterBox Defender for iPhone 12

OtterBox: large, doesn't work with MagSafe

The protection that this OtterBox case offers comes at a price. The case is fairly large and heavy. If you have small pockets, your smartphone might not fit in your pocket anymore. What's more, you can't connect MagSafe accessories to your iPhone anymore. This case is too thick. The included belt clip allows you to easily attach your device to your belt. You can also use this belt clip as a stand to place your device upright with. This comes in handy when you watch a video.


If you find user-friendliness important and don't need a lot of protection for your device, choose the Apple Silicone Back Cover. The robust OtterBox Defender is guaranteed to keep your iPhone good as new for as long as possible. But this comes at the expense of its user-friendliness. The Tech21 Evo Clear is somewhere in between. It protects your iPhone 12 from scratches and fall damage, but it doesn't make your device too thick and MagSafe accessories still work properly.

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