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What kind of phone case do I need?

With a phone case you protect your new smartphone against dirt, scratches and sometimes even water or a fall. In this article we explain which different types of covers there are and what you should look out for when buying a case.

Book cases, back covers and 2-in-1 covers

Book case cover

Book cases

A book case covers your entire phone and has a flap on the front that opens like a book. Some models have useful extras, such as compartments for your cards and a stand for your phone.

  • Protects the front, the back, and at least one of the sides
  • Often provides room for cards
  • Sometimes has an integrated stand
  • You constantly have to open the cover
  • The flap sometimes gets in the way when you make calls/take photos
Back cover case

Back covers

A back cover covers the back and usually the sides of your phone. This means you do not have to open the cover every time, but you also miss protection for your screen. You solve this problem by using a screen protector.

  • Protects the back and sides
  • You do not have to fold open your case
  • Your screen will not be protected
2-in-1 case

2-in-1 covers

With a 2-in-1 case you combine the two previous covers. This is a book case with a removable back cover, which you can easily click in and out of the book case thanks to a magnet.

  • Protects your phone from all sides
  • Unlocks the back cover when you want
  • Often space for passes
  • Sometimes a built-in stand
  • You have to open the case every time
  • Your case will be quite thick

Cases with special functions

Case fall protection

Cases with fall protection

Thanks to a cover with fall protection, your phone is also protected if you drop it out of your hands. How high you can drop your phone varies per case; so always check this out. Some of these cases are full body covers; these enclose your entire phone for the best protection.

  • The protection varies per case; full body covers cover your entire phone
  • Your phone is not immediately broken after a fall
  • Your phone often gets a lot thicker
  • Your monitor is not always protected
Waterproof case

Waterproof cases

The name says it all: protects your phone against water. These covers have a built-in screen protector, so you can use your touchscreen even under water. To what depth your case offers protection differs per model; look for the IP certification.

  • Protects your phone on all sides
  • Also protects against water
  • You do not have to open your case for use
  • Your photo gets a lot thicker
  • The design of your device is no longer visible
Battery cases

Battery cases

These cases not only protect your phone, but also extend your battery life. Thanks to the integrated battery, you don't have to run around from one socket to the other. You charge the battery with the charging cable of your phone or, with certain cases, via wireless charging.

  • Protects the back and sides
  • Provides extra power for your battery
  • You don't constantly have to open your case
  • Makes your phone a lot thicker and heavier

Flip cases, bumper cases and pouches

Flip case

Flip case

Flip cases look like book cases, only you fold this case down. Also in the flip case there is sometimes room for some cards. It is also annoying here that you have to fold the cover open for use and that the cover sometimes gets in the way.

  • Protects the front, back and sides
  • Sometimes space for passes
  • You have to open the case every time
  • The cover sometimes gets in the way when calling / taking photos
Bumper case

Bumper case

A bumper case is a plastic edge that only protects the sides and the top / bottom of your phone. The bumper is often slightly thicker than your device, so your screen and back do not touch the surface they are lying on; that prevents scratches

  • Protects the sides, bottom and top
  • The design of your phone remains visible
  • You do not have to fold your case open
  • The front and back of your phone are poorly protected


A pouch is a small bag to keep your phone in. Often there is also some space for your cards. A big disadvantage is that you have to get your phone completely out of the pouch to call or just see the time.

  • Protects your phone on all sides
  • Often space for some cards
  • You have to leave your phone every time get the pouch and put it back again

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