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Compare the Samsung Galaxy A40 to the Samsung A50

Looking for a new, affordable Samsung smartphone? Then there's a good chance that you'll stumble upon the Samsung Galaxy A40 and the Samsung Galaxy A50. To help you decide I'll focus more on the differences between the A40 and the A50 here. Will you get the compact A40 or the more powerful A50?

Samsung Galaxy A40

64GB storage capacity | 5.9-inch Full HD screen | Android 9.0 Pie
no longer available
  • This 5.9-inch smartphone is compact and easy to hold.+ The sAMOLED screen is razor-sharp and displays vivid colors.+ Thanks to the quick charge function, the battery is charged quickly.- The pictures taken with the A40's dual rear camera aren't as sharp as those taken with the Samsung A50's 3 cameras.

Samsung Galaxy A50

128GB storage capacity | 6.4-inch Full HD screen | Android 9.0 Pie
temporarily sold out
  • With the triple camera of 25, 8, and 5 megapixels, you can take good pictures in various circumstances.+ Store photos, music, and apps on the spacious 128GB memory.+ The large 4000mAh battery easily lasts for more than a day.- At 6.4 inches, the A50's not as compact as the A40.

Compare the Samsung A40 to the A50

Samsung Galaxy A40 Samsung Galaxy A50
Screen 5.9 inches 6.4-inch
Storage capacity 64GB 128GB
Battery capacity 3100mAh 4000mAh
Cameras Standard and wide-angle lens Standard lens, wide-angle lens, and depth sensor
Processor Exynos 7885 (average) Exynos 9610 (powerful)

Screen and design

samsung galaxy a40 lineup

A40: compact, 5.9-inch screen

Thanks to the 5.9-inch screen, the Samsung Galaxy A40 is easy to hold. The quality is also excellent with a Full HD resolution. Although many smartphones in the same price range have an LCD screen, the A40 has a sAMOLED screen, which makes the colors extra vivid. The plastic rear changes color whenever light falls on it. The fingerprint scanner is also on the back. Like the A50, the A40 comes in 4 colors: black, white, blue, and orange.

samsung galaxy a50 lineup

A50: 6.4-inch screen with fingerprint sensor

The Samsung A50's 6.4-inch screen is a lot larger. It's great when you love watching videos or playing games. The smartphone is a little harder to hold when you have smaller hands, though. Like the A40, the A50 has a Full HD sAMOLED screen, so you can watch your favorite series in razor-sharp detail. An important difference with the A40 is that the fingerprint scanner is not on the back, but underneath the screen.


samsung galaxy a40 camera

A40: wide-angle lens and good selfie camera

With a total of 3 cameras (2 rear, 1 front), the Samsung A40 is quite versatile. Besides the standard camera (16 megapixels), the device has a camera with wide-angle lens (5 megapixels) on the back. You don't see that very often in this price range. That wide-angle lens allows you to capture a larger area than with a standard lens. It's ideal for impressive photos of a large building or capturing a large group of people in 1 frame. The front camera has the most megapixels (25), so your selfies are also sharp.

samsung galaxy a50 camera

A50: extra camera and more megapixels

The Samsung Galaxy A50 has 1 more camera (3 rear, 1 front). The A50 uses that extra rear camera to measure depth. This gives your pictures more detail and lets you create a bokeh effect, which means the foreground is sharp, but the background is blurry. This looks better than with the A40, which uses software to add that effect. In addition, the A50 has a few more megapixels on the back (25 and 8), so you'll get slightly sharper photos. Like with the A40, you can record videos in Full HD.


samsung galaxy a40

A40: 3100mAh battery with fast charging

The Samsung A40 has a battery with a capacity of 3100mAh. That's slightly below average, but the compact screen uses less power as well. This means you'll make it to the end of the day without having to charge it in between. When you do need to charge it, Samsung Fast Charge (15W) will make sure the battery will be filled up in no time.

samsung galaxy a50

A50: large 4000mAh battery with fast charging

The battery of the Samsung A50 has a 4000mAh capacity. That's comparable to that of top devices like the Note 9 and the S10 Plus. So in terms of battery life, the A50's good to go, since it might even be able to handle 2 days. That means you don't need to worry about constantly having an empty phone at night. When your A50 does run out of power, Samsung Fast Charge (15W) will charge your battery in no time.

Processing power and storage space

samsung galaxy a40

A40: decent specifications

The Samsung A40 is perfectly suitable for everyday use. Thanks to its 4GB of RAM, apps load fairly quickly and multitasking won't be a problem. If you want some fanatic gaming or use more demanding photo and video editing programs, the A40 will have a tough time. The Exynos 7885 processor is average at best. The 64GB memory is fine for its price range. You can store quite a lot of photos, music, and apps on it.

samsung galaxy a50

A50: more power and more storage space

Thanks to the powerful Exynos 9610 processor, the A50 is actually better than average. Games and other demanding apps will run more smoothly on the Samsung A50. If you often take photos and record videos and edit them, the A50 will feel a lot faster. On top of that, its 128GB of memory gives you twice as much space to store all those photos and videos. That extra memory space also comes in handy if you download a lot of music, movies, and apps.

Conclusion: A40 or A50?

The Samsung A50 is better than the A40 in almost every area. On the other hand, if you want a smartphone that's not too big, but does have an excellent screen, you should go with the Samsung A40. Is it more important to you that your smartphone's nice and fast, has enough storage space, and lasts a long time on a single charge? Then the A50 will have you covered.

New: the Samsung Galaxy A51

In the meantime, the successor to the A50 has been released: the A51. If you're interested in the A50, take a look at the A51. This new version has an extra camera, for example. The macro lens can take beautiful pictures of objects that are very close, such as a flower or a piece of jewelry. The processor is also faster, so your smartphone has less trouble with demanding apps. In terms of design, it's particularly striking that the edges are even thinner, with a small camera hole for the selfie camera.

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