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What is the difference between a lens with a Sony A mount and a lens with an E mount?

Confusion lurks when you're looking for a lens for your Sony camera. Do you need an A mount or E mount lens? The 'A' in A mount doesn't stand for Alpha as some people tend to think. Below you can read what A mount does mean and what exactly E mount lenses are.

What's the difference?

difference Sony A mount E mount

Although the history of the lenses is quite complex, the difference between the lenses is easy to explain. The A mount lenses are made for Sony's digital SLR cameras and the E mount lenses are made for the mirrorless cameras. In addition, an E mount lens fits both mirrorless cameras with an APS C sensor and mirrorless cameras with a full-frame sensor. The A mount lenses are suitable for only 1 type of image sensor: APS C or full frame.

What type of lens do I need?

lens type

If you have a Sony Alpha mirrorless camera, choose an E mount lens. It doesn't matter what type of image sensor you have, the lens fits both a full-frame and an APS C camera. You ultimately base your choice on the quality of the lens. If you're looking for a lens for your Sony SLR camera, then you need an A mount lens. And this lens only fits the type of image sensor of that camera. This is almost always an APS C sensor.

When do I use an adapter?

when to use adapter

There are lens mount adapters available that make A mount lenses suitable for Sony E mount cameras. That means you can use an A mount lens on a Sony mirrorless camera with the help of an adapter. This is very useful if you've purchased a new Sony mirrorless camera, but still have several lenses for a Sony SLR camera.

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