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Everything on the De'Longhi PrimaDonna series

For a coffee machine in this price range, you probably want more than just a nice looking machine on your counter. The De'Longhi PrimaDonna coffee machines have a lot of unique functions, which you don't directly see on the outside. In this article, I briefly explain the differences between the machines and I explain all important functions of the De'Longhi PrimaDonna series.

Comparing PrimaDonna machines

PrimaDonna ECAM550.75.MS

PrimaDonna ECAM550.75.MS

The ECAM 550.75 has a tea function, which heats the water to exactly the right temperature for making a cup of green tea.

  • Casing material: plastic
  • At the touch of a button: cappuccino, latte macchiato, hot milk, espresso, lungo, filter coffee
  • Operation: color display with 6 buttons
  • Exclusive function: prepares water for tea
PrimaDonna Elite ECAM650.55.MS

PrimaDonna Elite ECAM650.55.MS

The stainless steel details give the ECAM 650.55 a luxurious appearance. The device offers up to 8 different coffee specialties that you can make at the touch of a button.

  • Casing material: plastic and stainless steel
  • At the touch of a button: cappuccino, latte macchiato, hot milk, espresso, lungo, filter coffee, cafe latte, doppio
  • Operation: color display with 8 buttons
PrimaDonna Elite ECAM650.75.MS

PrimaDonna Elite ECAM650.75.MS

The unique feature of the ECAM 650.75.MS is the function for hot chocolate. Fill the included milk pitcher with milk and real chocolate pieces or cocoa powder. The pestle in the milk reservoir turns it into chocolate milk. During the brewing process, the cup lighting switches on for a beautiful, luxurious appearance.

  • Casing material: brushed stainless steel
  • At the touch of a button: cappuccino, latte macchiato, hot milk, espresso, lungo, filter coffee, cafe latte, doppio, ristretto, flat white
  • Operation: touchscreen color display
  • Exclusive feature: fresh chocolate milk

Perfect cappuccinos thanks to the double thermoblock

Perfect cappuccinos with a De'Longhi thanks to the double thermoblock

A cappuccino consists of 3 parts; coffee, frothed milk and warm milk. To make a good cappuccino, an ideal heating temperature is required for each part. The De'Longhi coffee machines with milk reservoir have a double thermoblock for precise temperature control. Thermoblock 1 is for preparing the coffee and it ensures that the coffee doesn't burn and that it tastes good. Thermoblock 2 is for making thick and creamy milk foam, without the milk caramelizing.

Compose coffee recipes via the app

Coffee Link app De'longhi

The full coffee machine menu is available via the free Coffee Link app. You can accurately set the amount of milk and coffee to the millilitre via sliders. You can also adjust the temperature and aroma strength per cup of coffee. You save all your composed recipes under your own user profile. With 6 user profiles, your partner, mother, or sister can also create their own profile.

Double-walled milk reservoir

Delonghi PrimaDonna series with double-walled milk reservoir

The sturdy, double-walled milk reservoir keeps the milk cool for longer. With the dial on the lid of the reservoir, you can set the desired position for milk foam. You can choose a thick layer of milk foam, a thin layer of milk foam, or just warm milk, for example. To rinse the milk reservoir spout, turn the dial to the clean position. This is very useful, because the milk doesn't get a chance to cake this way. After this, you can easily disconnect the milk reservoir and put it in the fridge.

Additional functions with the app

Control the De'longhi PrimaDonna with an app

With the app, you can switch the machine on or off remotely and you can easily witch on the heating plate. This allows you to preheat your cups before you make coffee. By using a hot cup, you prevent an espresso from cooling down quickly. Also nice: the app has handy instructional videos that explain how to clean the machine step by step. This means you don't have to grab the manual every time.

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