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Expert review of the AEG FSE72710P

AEG promises 'exceptional drying results' with the AEG FSE72710P dishwasher. Based on the reviews, that claim seems justified. I tested the dishwasher to find out for myself. The result? My dishes are very dry. I only find a few drops of water on plastic. I also think the removable cutlery tray and softspikes are user-friendly. Keep reading to find out why.

In short

Built-in dishwasher (fully integrated) | Suitable for a niche height of 82-90cm | A++ energy label | Noise level 44dB
no longer available
  • The removable cutlery tray is easy to unload.
  • Very dry plates, cups, and cutlery thanks to the AirDry technology.
  • Also cleans an (extra-)full load of dishes, thanks to the satellite spray arm.
  • Plastic containers are dryer, but not completely dry after the dishwasher's done.
  • Tall wine glasses don't fit in the upper rack.

First impression

Interior AEG FSE72710P

The first thing I notice about the AEG FSE72710P dishwasher is the space. With room for 15 place settings, the dishwasher has more space for my tableware than many other dishwashers. I don't have a large family, so I don't necessarily need all that space. If you do, this XXL dishwasher is perfect. I can also easily make room for a large casserole by folding down the supports in the lower rack. That way I can also clean caked-on pots and pans in the dishwasher.

Very dry dishes

Close-up on/off button

When the dishwasher's done, its door automatically opens a few centimeters, creating a natural air flow. With this AirDry technology, AEG claims to be providing 'exceptional drying results'. I must say that I'm pleasantly surprised by how dry my plates, cups, and cutlery are. I can put them back in the cupboard without drying them with tea towel. My plastic salad bowl is the only thing that's not completely dry. I think it's a nearly exceptional drying result.

Good for your glasses with softspikes and grips

Glass in dishwasher with softgrips

Glasses often break in the dishwasher at my home, so I'm very curious about the softspikes and grips. Supposedly, they stop my glasses from falling over as they're being cleaned. I put my wine glass onto the softspikes with 1 hand and press the leg of the glass into the softgrip. The softgrip fully encloses the leg, making the wine glass very secure, so I'm sure it won't fall over. One downside is that my tall wine glasses don't fit.

Removable cutlery tray

Removable cutlery tray AEG dishwasher

The removable cutlery tray of the AEG FSE72710P is simply but clever. As soon as the dishwasher's finished its program, I pick up the cutlery tray and take it to the cutlery drawer in my kitchen. This way, AEG offers the comfort of a cutlery basket, but the good cleaning results of a cutlery tray. As far as I know, AEG is the only brand to offer a removable cutlery tray.

Always clean dishes

Satellite spray arm

To test the cleaning result of the AEG FSE72710P, I deliberately overfill the dishwasher. Why? According to AEG, the water reaches every corner. This is because of the extra spray arm above the cutlery tray and the satellite spray arm in the bottom of the tub. And I have to be honest, the results are better than I expected. Usually there's about 1 cup that's not completely clean when I overfill the dishwasher, but that's not the case here. All my tableware is clean.

Shorten program to save time


To save time, the AEG dishwasher has a TimeSaver function that shortens the program's duration to 50%. I try it out for myself. The first time, I use the P3 program for extra-dirty dishes, and it takes almost 3 hours. A day later, I use the program with the TimeSaver function, and the dishwasher takes a little over 1.5 hour. I'm not actually saving half of the time, but it's a considerable different. My dishes aren't as dry, though.


Built-in dishwasher (fully integrated) | Suitable for a niche height of 82-90cm | A++ energy label | Noise level 44dB
no longer available

Thanks to the XXL capacity, user-friendliness, and cleaning and drying results, the dishwasher is suitable for a large household. I can completely fill up the dishwasher without it affecting the cleaning results. After the program's done, almost all of my dishes are very dry, thanks to the AirDry technology. I think the removable cutlery tray and the softspikes and grips are great. I can clear out the cutlery while standing next to my cutlery drawer on the other side of the kitchen, and the softspikes prevent the wine glasses from falling over.

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