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Expert review iPhone 11 Pro

The design of the iPhone 11 Pro is similar to the design of its predecessors, the iPhone Xs and iPhone X. The only changes are the triple camera on the back, and the new green color. But don't be fooled, a lot more is new. For example, the new A13 Bionic Chip, which you can't see on the exterior. I'll tell you more about my experience with the iPhone 11 Pro.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Midnight Green

64GB storage capacity | 5.8-inch Super Retina XDR Display | Triple camera
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  • You can take better portrait photos and zoom optically with the triple camera on the back of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro.
  • The Super Retina XDR display is the most beautiful and strongest iPhone screen to date.
  • Thanks to the new A13 Bionic chip, the iPhone Pro is more energy-efficient and faster.
  • There's a small bump at the back due to the camera.
  • Doesn't include an Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Jack Adapter to connect your mini-jack headphones.

First impression of the iPhone 11 Pro

Unboxing the iPhone 11 Pro

It's a big surprise when I see a black box instead of a white one. Especially with the green iPhone pictured on the box, it looks very cool. But what really matters, is inside the box. The Midnight Green color is even more beautiful in real life than in pictures, partly as a result to the matte finish. The edges are glossy, which shows beautifully to the matte. Also, my fingerprints don't show on the matte casing.

The first iPhone with a triple camera

Camera iPhone 11 Pro

I'm the most curious to the triple camera. I can switch easily between the wide-angle, ultra wide-angle, and telephoto lens when I take a photo of the station. Thanks to the ultra wide-angle lens, I no longer have to take a step back when I use the portrait mode. Later that day, I'm in a dark bar. Before, my photo looked very blurry if I had lighting like this and using the flash didn't make it better. Thanks to the night mode, I can now take beautiful photos in dark places. Too bad the night mode doesn't work when using the ultra wide-angle lens.

Slofies: guaranteed fun watching

Selfie camera iPhone 11 Pro

The selfie camera has also been improved, just like the triple camera. I now have 12-megapixels instead of 7. My selfies are sharper than ever. In addition, the camera has more details and a wider view. This way, I don't have people fall off the photo anymore when I take a selfie with a group of friends. I now take my selfies in slow-motion. I had a lot of fun testing these 'slofies'. Tip: flip your hair around. Guaranteed fun.

The colors really pop on the clear screen

Screen iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 Pro has the clearest screen an iPhone has ever had. Do I notice? The screen is clear indeed. Colors really pop on the screen when I play a game or watch a movie. But it's hard to say if this is really different from the iPhone Xs. If I put them right next to each other, I can see a difference. But this is hard to notice in everyday use. Even in the brightest sunlight, all content on the screen is easy to read. And the black levels are even more black than before, despite the higher brightness.

Demanding apps open quickly

Processor iPhone 11 Pro

In the iPhone 11 Pro, I find the A13 Bionic chip. I believe this is a fast chip right away. Apps start up really fast and I can easily switch between different apps without the iPhone hitching. More demanding apps, like photo editing apps or games, open in a second as well. When I edit a video or photo and export it, I notice how smoothly everything works. The same apps gave problems when I used them on older devices. They slowed down or lagged. That's no longer the case.

The battery lasts even longer now

iPhone 11 Pro battery life

The iPhone 11 Pro has the longest battery life. It even lasts four to five hours longer than the iPhone Xs. After a day of 'normal' use, the phone still has more than 50% battery. I charge my phone every night, but if I forget, it doesn't matter. When my iPhone is out of battery, I charge it with the 18W fast charger, which is now included. After 30 minutes, I have more than 50% battery already. The iPhone 11 Pro is also suitable for wireless charging, but it takes a lot longer.


64GB storage capacity | 6.5-inch Super Retina XDR Display | Triple camera
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It's clear to me why the iPhone 11 Pro is called the Pro. It's simply the best in everything. It has the most powerful processor, the longest battery life, the most beautiful screen, and a brand new triple camera. The improved camera is my biggest reason to switch to the iPhone 11 Pro. I easily switch between the three different cameras, and the night mode makes me take nice pictures in the dark as well.

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