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Expert review of the Beats Solo Pro

With the Beats Solo Pro, Beats launches its second product with the label 'pro'. These on-ear headphones have noise cancelling and a couple of other important specifications. In this expert review, you can read if the Beats Solo Pro is actually pro.

Beats Solo Pro

European Championship deal
On ear | 22-hour battery life | Noise canceling
Retail price 299,95 199,-
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  • Active noise canceling muffles distracting ambient noise and white noise.
  • Thanks to the fast charging function, you can use the headphones for 3 hours after charging for 10 minutes.
  • The H1 Chip automatically connects the headphones to all your Apple devices.
  • You can't pair the headphones to your Android device quickly via NFC.

First impression of the Beats Solo Pro

Beats in pouch

When you unpack the Beats Solo Pro, the first you see is the storage pouch. This is very small, which makes it easier to take with you on a trip. When I took the headphones from the pouch, the first thing that stood out to me was that there's only 1 visible physical button on the headphones left. This lets you turn the noise canceling and the transparency mode on and off. Partly because they only have 1 visible physical button, the headphones look very slick. The color has a beautiful finish and the ear cushions feel soft.

High-end noise canceling

Test noise canceling office

The Beats Solo Pro are on-ear headphones, so they rest on your ears and don't seal your ears off completely. As a result, I was skeptical at first if the noise canceling would even work properly. But these doubts are completely gone after my first listening session. When you put on a song, you don't hear any ambient noise from beginning to end. At the office or on the go on the train, you're closed off from your surroundings and enjoy the music to the fullest. The only thing that isn't properly muted is the wind. This can be heard through the music every now and then. A small flaw in an otherwise excellent noise canceling performance.

Sweet sound

Listen to music via Spotify

The first thing I noticed when it comes to the sound of the Beats Solo Pro, is that it's sweet. The firm and powerful bass that the Beats is mainly known for has been replaced by a clearer bass on the Solo Pro. That doesn't mean that the sound is suddenly bad. Not at all. Because the powerful bass is less prominent, there's more room for details. That means your favorite music sounds crystal clear and still includes a fair amount of bass.

Tight fit

Headphones in hand

When I first put the headphones on my head, I noticed that it was very tight. Even when I make the headband a bit more loose, it's still a tight fit. This can also be something positive, because it remains securely in place. On the other hand, my ears started to hurt after 2 hours of listening. The headband also became slightly uncomfortable after a long listening session.

Quickly connected to Apple devices

Beats with iPhone 11 Pro

As we would expect from Beats products, they connect to your iCloud devices quickly. This is thanks to the H1 chip that's built into the headphones. Hold the Solo Pro near your iPhone or MacBook, and it connects automatically. This works perfectly and it's convenient if you have an iPhone or some other device. If you want to connect to your Android device, you have to do so manually via the settings.

Smart controls

Control buttons Beats

As mentioned before, the Beats Solo Pro only has 1 visible physical button. At the bottom of the right ear cup, there are other physical buttons kept neatly out of sight. Press on the right for the next song, press at the top to increase the volume, and so forth. These controls work a lot better than the ones I've come across on other headphones. Another fun feature has to do with turning the headphones on and off. Fold them and they turn off. Unfold them and they turn back on.


European Championship deal
On ear | 22-hour battery life | Noise canceling
Retail price 299,95 199,-
in stock

The Beats Solo Pro are on-ear headphones with excellent noise canceling. Despite the fact that I found the sound slightly too sweet, these are still the best Beats headphones on the market at the moment. The headphones are a bit tight, but that doesn't take away from the fast connection with your Apple devices and the smart controls. All in all, the Pro more than deserves its name.

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