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Expert review of the Canon EOS M100

The Canon EOS M100 is both a powerful and user-friendly system camera. If you're looking for a great system camera, you'll quickly find yourself checking out this model. Additionally, the camera stands out thanks to its compact and stylish design. High time to take a closer look at this model. I reviewed the selfie mode, focus speed, and all of its settings.

First impression

What a lovely, compact camera, I think to myself when I first see the camera. When I pick it up, it feels heavy, but feels nice in hand. After that, I quickly notice the limited number of control buttons on the camera. On top of the camera, I find but 3 buttons. Additionally, I can only find 3 menu options. Nor do I find any extra buttons located next to the screen. Even so, the product description promises a versatile camera, so my curiosity is tickled.

Super easy selfies

Canon M100 selfies

The rotatable and tiltable screen can easily be rotated for the perfect selfie. Taking a picture is incredibly easy thanks to the automatic scene mode. In this mode, the camera automatically recognizes the scenes you're taking photos of, and adjusts its settings accordingly. The same goes for faces. The camera ensures an accurate depth of field in my selfies. Additionally, all of the images are incredibly sharp and clear. Smartphones can't even begin to compete.

Powerful image processor

M100 image processor

It's amazing to see just how powerful this system camera is. Especially relative to its compact size. I can use it to immediately take beautiful photos, filled with detail. This is made possible by the 24.2 megapixel APS-C sensor. I can even shoot photos in RAW, which is great, seeing as I often use photo editing software to touch up my pictures. I don't have to pre-select my photos on my computer, I can simply do it on my computer.

Accurate autofocus

M100 autofocus

You can manually focus on an object by touching the screen. I was able to choose from 49 focus points. Please note that the option to take photos via touching the screen is turned off. If you don't do this manually, the camera will try to find the right focus on its own accord. The focus points are automatically adjusted according to the size of certain objects. The camera is able to do this quickly. This came in handy when taking photos of moving objects or filming them.

Versatile kit lens

M100 kit lens

The standard lens that comes with camera allowed me to all sorts of things. The focal length of 15mm allows for a wide viewing angle. Thanks to this, I was able to use the camera for both architecture and landscape photography. Additionally, the camera can be used for making portrait photos by setting the variable focal length to 45mm. The lens easily shifted from one end to the opposite focal length. Plus, I was able to fit different lenses on the camera, which makes it much more versatile.


24.2 megapixels, records Full HD 1080p video | With WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC | Includes a 15-45mm lens | Type of photography: vacation, landscape, portrait | Optical zoom: 3x
no longer available

It's an easy-to-use camera that has a lot going for it. Without having to adjust any settings, I was able to take great, shar photos. Especially the selfie mode on this camera is a delight to use. With a single tap on the clear rotatable and tiltable screen, I was able to quickly take a great selfie. The camera accurately recognizes faces thanks to the accurate auto focus system, which works for almost any other object as well. The kit lens was more than sufficient, as I was able to use for different types of photography.

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