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Expert review of the Canon EOS M50

I was curious for a while about the Canon EOS M50. At first sight it is a very nice mirrorless camera. In addition, a promising picture quality, both for photos and videos. In this specialist review you can read what I think of the design, the image quality and the operation of the device.

In short

24,1 megapixels, filmt in 4K Ultra HD | Met wifi, bluetooth en NFC | Inclusief 15-45mm lens
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** Pros **

  • You record detailed video in 4K quality.
  • The image stabilization reduces motion blur.
  • With the Creative Assist function you get to know the settings of your camera.
  • Wi-Fi and bluetooth control your images wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet.

** Cons **

  • The camera has no seals against dust and splash water.

First impression

Light weight

My first impression of the camera is positive. The camera is nicely compact and lightweight. The device is well in hand when I pick it up. Furthermore, the camera seems easy to operate, the number of buttons is limited. The large LCD screen also immediately catches my eye. My images will in any case look good on that. I am curious about the possibilities of the camera.

Physical properties

Large LCD screen

** A compact device with a large LCD screen **

It is a compact device, the camera fits easily in my hand. In addition, the camera body with 390 grams of light weight. This way I know that I can take the camera anywhere at any rate. Although the body is not wide, the LCD screen is. This provides a clear picture of my recordings during and after shooting or filming. On top of the camera is a fairly large viewfinder which allows me to view my subjects well.

Image quality

Image quality

** Colorful, sharp images full of detail through advanced system **

The camera has a 21.1 megapixel sensor and a powerful processor. My photos are therefore vibrant in color and contain a lot of detail. In addition, the device has a powerful processor that makes it possible to film in 4K quality. Taking pictures in dark situations is also no problem. Due to the maximum ISO range of 51,200 I still make reasonably good pictures in low light. The fast and accurate autofocus ensures that my images are always sharp.

Record videos

Filming in 4K quality

** Making videos and vlogs in 4K quality **

Make film taking is a party with this camera. The device makes recordings in 4K quality. A disadvantage of this film quality is that you do not take wide pictures with it. The images are automatically zoomed in slightly. During the filming, the autofocus works very accurately and quickly. The camera follows my subjects well during filming. The tiltable screen can be folded open to the side, so you can easily make vlogs with the device.


User-friendly menu

** A clear menu and handy settings **

The camera is very clear. This makes the device easy to operate. In addition, the simply designed menu helps me in choosing the settings. I can set the camera both via the buttons and the touch screen. I am also very pleased with the A + mode. Here, for example, I set the contrast, color and sharpness of the background in advance via the screen. So I do not have to adjust this later on the computer.


This camera is completely in the category of small but fine. The device is nice and compact and lightweight so you can take it anywhere. In addition, the performance is certainly something to write home about. The images are incredibly clear and detailed. Filming I did with this camera in 4K quality. During the filming the autofocus followed my subjects well. Finding the right settings is fairly easy. The clear menu guides you through it.

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