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Expert review of the Dyson Supersonic

With the Supersonic, Dyson is the first in the market to change the design of the traditional hair dryer. The motor is integrated into the handle, so it's easier to move the hair dryer through your hair. Dyson has also developed an intelligent heat regulator that protects your hair from heat damage. If it really works? I tested it for you.

Dyson Supersonic

Prevents static hair | Power of 1600 watts | With cold air setting | 4 heat settings | 3 blowing speeds
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  • The intelligent heat regulator protects your hair from heat damage.
  • The hair dryer is comfortable to hold and lightweight, because the motor is integrated into the handle.
  • Because the magnetic attachments stay cold thanks to the double casing, you can easily swap them.
  • A case to store the hair dryer and accessories isn't included.

Unboxing the Dyson Supersonic

Unboxing Dyson Supersonic

I was happy as a child with the Dyson Supersonic on my desk. The packaging alone breathes luxury. Of course, I unpacked the Supersonic right away. I took the following out of the box:

  • Dyson Supersonic
  • Diffuser
  • Attachment for smooth hair
  • Attachment for drying and styling
  • Anti-slip mat
  • Mounting eye

First impression

Dyson Supersonic

What is special about the Supersonic is the position of the engine. While the motor is placed in the top of a regular hair dryer, the motor of the Supersonic is integrated into the handle. This makes it a lot more comfortable to hold. It also feels lighter than my normal hair dryer. The cable is quite long, so I can easily take a few steps with the hair dryer in my hand while I'm in the bathroom.

Latest technologies

Dyson has developed a special technology to dry the hair. The Dyson Supersonic sucks in extra air through the hole in the head, which creates a powerful airflow. My hair became dry super fast. Even though the Dyson is really going at it, my hair doesn't get hot. This is great, especially since I have thin and fine hair.

Dry fast

Dry Supersonic Dyson

There are 3 buttons to set the air flow and temperature. While drying, you can easily switch between the hair dryer settings without having to remove the hair dryer from your hair. The buttons are conveniently placed so that you can easily press them while you're drying. The Air Multiplier Technology and the heat sensor truly work. My hair dries faster and looks healthier than when it's dried with a regular hair dryer.

Cold attachments

Attachments Dyson Supersonic

The attachments are magnetic, so they're easy to swap. You can start with the attachment for smooth hair and style it with the attachment for drying and styling. Dyson has also developed a special double casing for the attachments. It's very convenient that the attachments remain cold during drying. You can just grab the attachments if you want to swap them in between, without burning your hands.


Prevents static hair | Power of 1600 watts | With cold air setting | 4 heat settings | 3 blowing speeds
no longer available

The Supersonic lives up to the promise Dyson makes. Your hair really dries faster and is better protected from heat damage than with a regular hair dryer. My hair also looked healthier after I dried it with the Supersonic. Do you use your hair dryer daily or even several times a day? The Supersonic is highly recommended. It's lightweight, comfortable to hold, and the attachments stay cold during drying. This is useful because you can never burn your hands that way.

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