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Frequently asked questions about the PlayStation 5

Frequently asked questions about the PlayStation 5

Can I still register for the PlayStation 5 draw? No. The registration for the PlayStation 5 draw is now closed.

When will the lucky gamers be announced? All lucky gamers that can order a PlayStation 5 will be informed Tuesday 23 March.

I participated in the PlayStation 5 draw but haven’t received an email, now what? We’ve sent all the lucky gamers an email. Didn’t get an email? Double check your spam folder. Can’t find the email there? You didn’t win, unfortunately.

Can I call customer service? No. Our Customer Service can’t tell you anything more than what’s stated on this page. They also can’t order a PlayStation 5 for you.

Can I buy the PlayStation 5 in stores? The PlayStation 5 isn’t for sale in our stores. If this changes, you’ll find out on this page.

Is the PlayStation 5 really that good? The new generation of PlayStation is Sony's most powerful console yet. You can play games in 4K resolution with the PlayStation 5. Your games will also load faster than ever thanks to the powerful processor and NVMe SSD.

What can you do until you can order the PlayStation 5? Dust off your PlayStation 4 games, because with backwards compatibility you can also play your old Call of Duty or the new FIFA 21 that you play on PS4. Practice those games, so that you can get off to a flying start on the PlayStation 5.

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