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Froth milk with a steam wand

With a steam wand, you’ll have a lot of influence over the end result of the milk foam. For example, the temperature, structure, and thickness of the foam. Frothing milk with a steam wand does require some practice. Follow the steps below for the desired result.

Step 1: fill pitcher with milk

Milk pitcher with milk

Fill the pitcher halfway with milk. Since the milk expands when you froth it, don’t pour too much milk into the pitcher. Preferably use a stainless-steel milk pitcher so you can keep a close eye on the temperature of the milk. Wondering which type of milk is the most suitable for a cappuccino? You can read it here.

Step 2: switch on the steaming function

switch on the steaming function

Let the appliance heat up first by switching on the steaming function. Some water will escape the steam wand. After about 20 seconds, steam will come out and you'll know the appliance is ready. Switch off the steaming function before placing the steam wand in the milk pitcher. If you leave the function on, the milk will splash in all directions and it will become a mess.

Step 3: frothing milk

Froth milk with a steam wand

Position the steam wand about 2cm in the milk and turn on the steaming function. Lower the pitcher slightly, so the steam wand is now one to half a centimeter in the milk. Move the pitcher back and forth for a bit or hold it at an angle so the milk can churn well. Hear a hissing noise? That means you're doing a good job.

Step 4: the milk is ready

steam wand in pitcher with milk

You're done frothing the milk when it's 70℃. You can check the temperature by touching the exterior of the pitcher. If it's too hot to hold, you know the milk is at the right temperature. You can also use a thermometer to accurately measure the temperature. Turn off the steam wand when the milk is at the right temperature. Only remove the pitcher after switching off the steam wand to prevent splashing.

Step 5: finish making the cappuccino

Pour milk into coffee

After frothing the milk, it’s important that you tap and swirl. Tap the pitcher on the sink a few times. This causes the warm milk to sink and the foam to rise. You can now swirl the milk to get rid of any large bubbles. Make sure that you separate the foam from the edge. Done tapping and swirling? Pour the frothed milk into a cup of coffee and your cappuccino is ready.

Step 6: clean

Clean the steam wand with a clean tea towel

Always clean the steam wand after use. First, wipe the exterior with a wet cloth. Open the steam wand to steam any remaining milk out of the wand. If there's no more water evaporating from the steam wand, you can close it. If needed, place a cloth under the steam wand so the hot water doesn’t get on your hand.

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