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Gigaset Troubleshoot

You own a Gigaset, but you've encountered a problem. Bummer, but perhaps easy to fix. On this page, we'll discuss a number of problems, possible causes, and solutions.

Problem: my Gigaset's display isn't showing anything

Possible causes:

  1. The handset isn't on.
  2. The batteries aren't charged.
  3. The handset's key lock is on.


  1. Turn on the handset.
  2. Charge the batteries or replace them.
  3. Disable the key lock. You can do this by long-pressing the pound key.

Problem: my phone's battery drains really fast

Possible causes:

  1. You've enabled extra functions such as Bluetooth, Eco mode, or monitoring mode.
  2. The batteries are old.
  3. The handset is being charged on a non-Gigaset base station.


  1. Disable the extra functions.
  2. Replace the batteries.
  3. Use the included base base station or a different Gigaset base station to charge your handset.

Problem: my handset doesn't ring

Possible causes:

  1. The ringer volume is set to silent.
  2. Call forwarding has been enabled.
  3. The ringtone is being suppressed by anonymous callers.
  4. The handset doesn't ring within specific time frames.


  1. Increase the ringer volume.
  2. Disable call forwarding.
  3. Disable the ringer volume for anonymous callers.
  4. A timer has been enabled. Disable it. Check the call blocking list, if your handset has one.

Problem: the display shows a 'Pair handset' or 'Place handset on base station' message

possible causes:

  1. The handset hasn't been paired with the base station.
  2. The maximum number of allowed handsets has been surpassed.


  1. Pair your handset.
  2. Check your device's manual to learn the maximum number of handsets that you can pair with your base station.

Problem: caller ID isn't working

Possible causes:

  1. The caller has suppressed caller ID.
  2. Caller ID hasn't been activated with the provider or isn't supported by the provider.
  3. The phone is connected to a router or gateway that doesn't correctly forward caller IDs.


  1. The caller has to activate caller ID with his provider.
  2. Contact your provider in order to activate caller ID.
  3. Restore the default settings of your gateway. You can do this by briefly unplugging the power adapter (one minute) and plugging it in again. In case of a router: check your router's settings in the manual or your PC. Look for terms such as 'caller ID,' 'CLIP,' and 'send called ID.'

Problem: calls aren't being connected when I take my handset out of its charging station for an incoming call.

Possible cause:

  1. Auto-answer on pickup isn't enabled.


  1. Enable auto-answer on pickup.

Problem: the display shows a 'No base station' message

Possible causes:

  1. The handset is out of the base station's range.
  2. The base station is disabled.
  3. The base station's range has decreased.


  1. Reduce the distance between the handset and the base station.
  2. Check if the base station's, router's, or gateway's connectors are still properly connected.
  3. 'Maximum range' is disabled. Enable it.
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