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What GoPro accessories do I need for winter sports?

You got a GoPro HERO camera and you're planning to take it with you on your winter sports trip. Definitely do it. Did you also know GoPro has all kinds of handy accessories to make your images even cooler and recording even easier? In this article, you'll read which accessories come in handy during your winter sports vacation.

GoPro The Strap

Suitable for all GoPro models | Attach to the body | Attach with strap
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With The Strap, you'll record cool 360-degree videos of your stunts. Multiple straps are included that you can use to fasten the camera to your hand, arm, or leg. The size of the straps can be adjusted, meaning they always fit well. It doesn't matter if the straps get wet from the snow, they can take it.

GoPro Handlebar

Suitable for all GoPro models | Pole mount | Thumbscrew mount
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Just like The Strap, the Handlebar allows you to record 360-degree videos. Except you don't attach the Handlebar to yourself, but to your ski pole. With 1 press of a button, you'll turn it 360 degrees and change viewing angles fast. There's a rubber ring on the inside that keeps the mount from sliding off.

GoPro Super Suit

Suitable for the GoPro HERO 5 and 6 | Waterproof to a depth of 60 meters | Screw fastening
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In principle, GoPros can endure shocks just fine, but if you want to be completely sure, buy a Super Suit. This waterproof casing protects your action camera from drops and prevents scratches on the lens and the screen. Thanks to the flat glass lens on the case, the image will still be sharp. The sound will keep sounding clear thanks to the Skeleton Backdoor. Simply put, with the Super Suit, you'll keep your camera in a neat condition.

GoPro 3-Way

For: all GoPro cameras | Length: 19-50.8cm | Weight: 0.300kg
temporarily sold out

The 3-Way is a 3-in-1 accessory. Use it as an arm extension (selfie stick), as a tripod, or as an extra grip for your camera. With the arm extension, you'll be making selfies while skiing or snowboarding, while the stick stays out of view. The 3-Way contains a fold-out tripod, allowing you to place the mount on something as well. That way you'll record stable images. When you disconnect the handle from the arm, you can use the accessory as an extra grip. This ensures the camera won't fall from your hands.

GoPro Dual Battery Charger + Battery

Compatible with product type: Action cameras | Made for brand: GoPro
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All well and good, those accessories, but when your camera's battery runs out, they won't be of any use anymore. That's why you should also take a Dual Battery Charger with you. You'll charge your action camera's battery in here. It comes with an extra battery, which you can charge on its own or at the same time as your own battery. That way, you'll be sure to always have a fully charged spare battery. You'll charge the batteries using the included USB cable. The 2 LEDs indicate the status of both batteries.

GoPro Micro Card Reader

Voor microSD kaarten | USB C uitgang | Te koppelen aan tablet of smartphone | Waterdichte hoes
no longer available

With the Micro Card Reader, you can transfer images from the camera to your smartphone or tablet. You'll save the images using the Capture app. The Card Reader is available with a Lightning input (Apple), micro USB port (Android), or a USB-C input (others). The cover is waterproof, and you can use it as a key ring.

GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount

Suitable for all GoPro cameras | Attach to a helmet | Attach with a thumbscrew
no longer available

Last but not least, the most well-known accessory: the Helmet Mount. Attach this mount to the front or side of your helmet. Thanks to the arm construction, you can tilt the camera forward from the helmet. That way, you'll create an exciting image in which you're recording yourself while experiencing the action moment.

Choose the accessories that suit you

For every usage situation, you can use a different accessory for your GoPro action camera. Choose the mount that suits you and get started right away.

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