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How do you choose a fast wireless charger?

With a fast wireless charger, your smartphone is fully charged up to 4 times faster compared to a normal charger. Your charger should have the same charging profile as your smartphone for this. We'll explain what to look for when purchasing a wireless fast charger here.

Which charging profile do you need?

wireless charger fast charging

The charging profile is a specific technology that makes fast wireless charging possible. Your smartphone and your wireless charger need to have the same charging profile. If you want to fast charge your iPhone, your wireless charger needs to support wireless fast charging for iPhone. So, don't just choose a high-powered charger. If the charger doesn't have the correct charging profile, it will charge at regular speed. Make sure you choose a wireless charger that is suitable for your smartphone brand. You don't have to worry about your accessories (like smartwatches), because only smartphones can fast charge wirelessly.

Which charger has which charging profile?

wireless charger smartwatch, smartphone, Apple Watch, iPhone

Your wireless charger doesn't have to be the same brand as your smartphone. Just make sure to check which charging profile the charger supports. Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, and Huawei all have their own charging profile. Sony, Nokia, and LG all use a universal charging profile. Fortunately, wireless fast chargers often support multiple charging profiles. Most wireless fast chargers support fast charging on both Apple and Samsung smartphones. This is especially useful for chargers that charge multiple smartphones at the same time. The charging profiles of OnePlus and Huawei can only be found on chargers of those brands.

Samsung: check the power

Wireless charger Samsung

Samsung slightly differs from the rest. They've created a faster charging profile for newer devices. The Samsung S10 series supports wireless fast charging with 12 watts instead of 10 watts. The Samsung S20, Note 10, and Note 20 series even reach 15 watts. To achieve the maximum speed, you need a 15-watt Samsung charger. When choosing a wireless charger for these devices, you do have to check the power.

How does wireless fast charging actually work?

Wireless fast charging

A standard wireless charger charges your phone with a power of 5 watts. If it supports wireless fast charging, the charger provides between 7.5 watts and 30 watts of power. If you charge at 20 watts, your phone fully charged about 4 times faster than at 5 watts. But the complicated thing is that each smartphone brand supports a different type of fast charging. For example, you can charge iPhone models at 7.5 watts, but Samsung smartphones can handle 15 watts, and OnePlus smartphones can even handle 30 watts. The specific technology that makes this fast charging possible is called a charging profile.

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