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How do you print from a smartphone with a Brother printer?

Printing from your smartphone is very easy and fast. The only thing you need is a working WiFi connection and the Brother iPrint&Scan app. After you connect, your print rolls out of the printer right away. We'll explain how you print and scan from your smartphone in 5 steps.

Summary steps

You're going to set up the printer until a print comes out. With the following steps, you'll certainly succeed.

  • Step 1: connect your printer to the WiFi network
  • Step 2: download the app
  • Step 3: connect to the printer
  • Step 4: print files and photos
  • Step 5: scan files and photos

Prepare the printer

prepare brother printer

Follow these instructions to prepare the printer for the setup.

  1. Remove the printer from its packaging and remove all tape and protective material. Make sure you also remove any protective material from the inside of the printer, if necessary. It's often there to ensure the printer doesn't get damaged during transport. You can check the manual to be sure, so you don't forget any material. Now, put the plug in the socket to power the printer and turn it on.
  2. Select the right language on the screen.
  3. Turn on the printer.
  4. Place some paper in the paper tray.
  5. The printer is now prepared for its first use. On to your computer.

Step 1: connect your printer to the WiFi network

WiFi icon Brother

Press the network icon. This is usually located on the left of the screen. The printer now automatically connects to your WiFi network. Is it not working or do you have a secure network? Press the button Menu and go to Network. Now choose WLAN. You then enter your password and the printer connects to the WiFi network.

Step 2: download the app

App store Brother

You don't need to download drivers or operating systems to print from from your smartphone. You can get started right away. Just download the Brother iPrint&Scan app in the Google Play store or the Apple App store. When the app has downloaded, you open it. Make sure you're on the same WiFi network as your printer, otherwise the app can't find your printer.

Step 3: connect to the printer

app notification

When you open the app, it will ask you if you want to select your printer now or later. Tap Select now and the app will look for your printer. Select the right printer and the app will connect it. You can now scan, print photos, print document, check the ink status, and order new cartridges or toner cartridges.

Step 4: print files and photos


You can print as follows: on the home screen, you tap Print. Then, you choose whether you want to print a photo, document, web page, email, or want to use the cloud services. Choose file and tap Done. The app shows you an example of your document in black and white and you can tap Print. The printer now automatically starts printing.

Step 5: scan files and photos


With the Brother iPrint&Scan, scanning files is also easy. Tap Scan in the app to start up the scanning function. Place your document or photo in the scanner on the printer and tap Scan in the app. You'll now see an example of the scan on your smartphone. You can still edit this scan, after which you save it or share it directly as a PDF or JPG.

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