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How do I install Norton on my Android smartphone and tablet?

You just installed Norton Security on your laptop or PC and now you want to protect your Android tablet, or smartphone against viruses, spyware, and other threats. In order to provide the devices with Norton protection as soon as possible, I'll explain the installation for iOS and Android step by step on this page.

What do you need?

  • Android tablet or smartphone with internet connection.
  • A laptop or PC with Norton installed on it.
  • Have you already installed the software, but haven't created or activated an account yet? Then you should do that first by following step 1b.

Step 1a: log in to Norton

Log in Norton
  • Surf to www.norton.com/setup and log in to Norton with your account details.

  • No account yet? Go to step 1b.

Step 1b: create a Norton account

Enter data
  • Don't have an account yet? Create one by clicking Create account. Enter your data into the boxes and make sure to store your password somewhere.

  • Next, log in using the account you've just created on the login screen, like in step 1a.

Step 2: Log in

Download Norton button
  • Log in with your Norton account as indicated in step 1a.
  • Press the Download Norton button.

Step 3: Send a download link

Clicking the link
  • Press the Send a download link button, the yellow button on the right.

Step 4a: Send a download link

Send download link
  • Enter the email address you use on your Android smartphone or tablet. This is often the same email address your Google Play Store account is linked to.

Can't remember this account? Grab your smartphone or tablet and unlock it. Go to the Google Play Store app and tap the menu button (the 3 horizontal lines) next to the search bar. Here you can see which account is linked to the device.

  • Press the send button after entering the correct email address.

Step 4b: Open the link

Download now link email
  • Open the emailed link on the smartphone or tablet you want to install the Norton software on.
  • Open the email and scroll down.
  • Press the yellow Download now button.

Step 5: get started

Get started
  • An internet page will be opened automatically, where you can choose from 2 options.
  • Select the Norton Mobile Security option, which is the top one. Once the blue circle of the Norton Mobile Security option is checked, press the yellow Next button.

Step 6: Download via Google Play

Discover Google Play
  • On the screen, press the discover on Google Play button.

Step 7: Install

Installing Norton
  • Google Play will be opened automatically and will show you the Norton Mobile Security and Antivirus app.
  • Press the green install button.
  • The installation process begins. Wait for the Open button to turn green.

Step 8: Open it

Open Norton app
  • The Norton app is now installed. Press the green Open button.

Step 9: Agree

Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • The Norton app will now be opened.
  • Check I accept Norton's licensing agreement and user terms and conditions and * I've read and agreed to the following: Symantec/Norton's Global privacy statement*.

Read the terms and conditions if you want to.

  • Press the yellow Continue button.

Step 10: Ready

Norton ready
  • The Norton app will automatically give a brief introduction.
  • After the setup, the Norton app will automatically start a scan.
  • Once the scan's complete, you'll know whether your device contains a threat. If it does, Norton will remove it. If it doesn't, there's nothing to worry about.
  • Scroll through the app if you want to check your data and change your settings.
  • The installation is complete and your device is protected.

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