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Where do I place the sensors of my alarm system?

In order to optimally use your alarm system, it's important to install all of the sensors in the correct places. But what are the best places to install them in your home?

Magnetic contacts

A magnetic contact, also known as a window/door contact, warns you when a window or door is opened. The sensor consists of 2 parts, and once those parts stop being connected, the alarm goes off. Install the sensor on windows and doors that are susceptible to breaking or entering. Make sure sure that the sensor is placed relatively high on the door, so you can't accidentally kick it off, or to prevent your cat from playing with it.

Motion detectors

Motion detector with pets

Motion detectors and pets

If you own a dog or cat, you should choose a motion detector that's designed around pets. You can also opt to install the sensor upside down, at a height of about 1.20 meters. If the sensor is installed upside down, it won't detect anything that happens beneath it. This means the sensor won't detect your pets, but it will detect uninvited guests.

A motion detector sounds the alarm when it detects motion and heat. This ensures it won't go off when a curtain is caught by the wind, but it will go off when a person or animal passes by. The motion detector can be placed in any room, but you should pick a sensible spot, one where a burglar is sure to pass by. In large rooms, you should place more than 1 sensor, seeing as the average motion detector only has a reach of about 10 meters. Install a motion detector at a height of roughly 2 meters, and make sure it isn't hidden behind a plant or curtain.


Sirens for alarm systems

Install a siren somewhere you can hear it throughout the house. Close to the stairs or living room, for example. If you own a siren with a light signal, install it rooms where you spend a lot of time, such as the living room or bedroom.

IP cameras

Just like a motion detector, it's best to install an IP camera in a place where uninvited guests are bound to show up. You can also install it near your valuables, so you can rest assured that the burglar is caught on tape.

Signal enhancers

Signal enhancers aren't officially part of an alarm system, but they're a very convenient expansion that ensure an optimal connection between your sensors and the control panel. Especially in larger homes, there's often lots of distance between sensors. Install the signal enhancers halfway in between the sensors and the control panel. This way, you're sure that every notification is correctly registered by the control panel.

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