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How do you light a charcoal barbecue?

There are different methods for lighting a charcoal barbecue: safe and very unsafe methods. We would like to tell you how to tackle the lighting charcoal or briquettes without causing accidents. Follow the 3 steps, and your charcoal BBQ will be ready in a maximum of 45 minutes.

1. Select a safe lighter first


If you are going to light a charcoal BBQ, you need a lighter. Do not ignite your BBQ with ethanol, ethanol-soaked corks, or other flammable chemical liquids. Opt for more environmentally friendly, healthy and safe alternatives. Firelighters or wood shavings, for example. Avoid firelighters full of kerosene or other chemical additives. These stink when you light them, don't benefit the taste of your meat, and give off toxic fumes. Bad for the environment and your health. Don't use them.

2. Opt for charcoal or briquettes

Charcoal or briquettes

You need fuel to light your barbecue. In the form of charcoal or briquettes. Which BBQ fuel you choose, depends on a number of factors. You can read about these factors and the advantages and disadvantages of charcoal and briquettes in the article below.

3a. Lighting the BBQ without a briquette starter (45 min)

Light the barbecue without a briquette starter
  1. Turn the BBQ on 45 minutes before you start grilling.

  2. Remove the grill rack from the BBQ.

  3. Place a handful of brown firelighters or wood shavings at the bottom.

  4. Put the coal rack back and stack the briquettes or coal on there.

  5. No coal rack? Put the firelighters between the coals.

  6. Light the firelighters with a long match.

  7. Wait until the coals or briquettes have a white layer of ashes and start glowing.

3b. Light the BBQ with starter (30 min)

Lighting the barbecue with a briquette starter
  1. Fill the briquette starter 3/4 with briquettes or coal.

  2. Put a handful of firelighters on the bottom or the coal rack.

  3. Light the firelighters with a long match.

  4. Are the firelighters burning? If so, put the briquette starter on it.

  5. Wait 30 minutes and pour the glowing coals or briquettes into the BBQ.

  6. Divide the coals or briquettes into the tub as desired.

  7. Put the rack on the BBQ and start grilling.

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