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Manage contacts on your Gigaset phone

If you use a Gigaset device, you'll want to save and manage contacts too. In the article below, you can find out how to add, edit, and remove contacts.

Open contacts

Open contacts on Gigaset

You can open your contacts in various ways. In the middle of your device is the display key. This can be pressed in 5 ways: up, down, left, right, or middle. If you press the display button down, the contacts will be shown right away. Another option is opening the main menu and opening the list of contacts there. You can do this by pressing the display button right and then opening contacts.

Add contact

Add contacts landline phone Gigaset

It's good to know that telephone numbers can be up to 32 digits long. Added names, both first and last name, can be up to 16 characters each. You can assign a maximum of 3 numbers to a contact.

Add contacts as follows:

  1. Open contacts.
  2. Enter the contact information. Navigate through the input fields using the display key (up and down).
  3. Select 'Save' to save a contact.

Edit contact

Edit contacts landline phone Gigaset

To edit a contact, you should take the following steps:

  1. Open contacts.
  2. Navigate through contacts until you find the desired person.
  3. Select 'Display'.
  4. Select 'Edit' for the item you'd like to change.
  5. Edit the information and save it via 'Save'.

Delete contact

Gigaset delete contact

You can delete one contact or the whole list. You can do this as follows:

  1. Open contacts.
  2. Select the desired person.
  3. Select 'Options'.
  4. Select 'Delete entry'.
  5. Confirm your choice through 'OK'.

To delete the whole list:

  1. Open contacts.
  2. Select 'Options'.
  3. Navigate through the options and select 'Delete list'.
  4. Confirm this choice through 'OK'.

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