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How do I expand my DECT phone with a separate handset?

It's useful to be reachable on your business phone or landline phone in multiple places. Not all DECT phones can simply be expanded wirelessly with a random separate handset. That's why we'll explain in this article what requirements your landline phone has to meet to expand it, and what else to keep in mind.

What's a separate handset?

expand landline phone handset

A separate handset is an expansion to the landline DECT phone and consists of a handset and charging station. But the separate handset doesn't have a connector for a phone cable, so it's not possible to use it as a base station. So it's only useful to get a separate handset if you already have a DECT phone or plan on buying one. Already have a separate handset and want to find out how to connect it to your DECT device? Click the link below to go to the explanation.

What requirements should my DECT phone meet to be able to expand it?

Expand your landline phone wirelessly

Both your landline phone and your handset need to be GAP compatible. GAP stands for General Access Profile, which allows you to connect base stations and handsets with each other wirelessly, regardless of the brand or model. You can find this specification on the product page, the manufacturer's website, and in the manual. DECT phones can be expanded with a maximum number of handsets, so you won't be able to add an unlimited amount of handsets. You can find this information on the product page under 'maximum number of handsets'.

What else should I keep in mind when I want to expand?

Wireless landline phone expansion handset

Did you check if the DECT device and the handset are GAP compatible? Great! Yet, there are a couple more things you should keep in mind. For example, if you expand your current Gigaset system with a separate Gigaset handset, the chances of your base station supporting more functions will go up. That means you should always check to verify that your handset supports your base station's functionalities and vice versa. Does your handset support caller ID, but your base station doesn't? In that case, the function won't work. This goes for both separate handsets of the same brand and handsets of a different brand.


Want to add an extra handset to your DECT device? Make sure you have a landline phone with base station. Then check if your device is GAP compatible and the maximum number of handsets you can add. Is your handset not the same brand as your current DECT phone? Keep in mind that not all functions might work, because the base station station may support different functions than the handset and vice versa.

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