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What does a polarization filter do and how do you use it?

You wonder if you need a polarization filter for your photos. Here you will find out if you know the benefits of the filter. You can read that in this article. In addition, I tell you how to use a polarization filter exactly.

When do you use a polarization filter?

When to use a polarization filter

A polarization filter helps you filter out disturbing reflections and glare. For example, the filter helps you to take photos at sea. In addition, the filter provides a sharper contrast and bright colors in your photo. The colors blue and green become more intense due to a polarization filter. The sea and sky become bluer and the tropical trees greener with a polarization filter. This is therefore very useful when making holiday photos.

How do you use a polarization filter?

How to use a polarization filter

You rotate a polarization filter with a rotating system on your lens. When purchasing a polarization filter, look carefully at the size of your lens. Use a reducing ring to also place the filter on a lens of a different size. If you have mounted the polarizing filter on your lens, turn the front ring to determine the desired effect. During the spin you see that the image or part of the image becomes darker or lighter.

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