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Printers for your home: what should you keep in mind?

Picking out a printer for your home isn't that easy. Your printing behavior dictates whether you need a single function printer or a printer with ADF. Do you occasionally print an e-ticket or do you print photos every day to exhibit at an exhibition? We'll explain which printer best suits your needs.

I want a basic printer

basic printer

Do you use a printer to print documents you occasionally need, such as a concert ticket, return form, or announcement for your roommates? A basic printer meets your requirements. In addition to printing documents, almost all printers for home use can also scan and copy. This saves you another trip to the copy shop. A basic printer for home use must meet the following:

  • Also prints in color.
  • Can also scan and copy, in addition to printing.
  • Has integrated WiFi.

I want a standard printer

good-quality prints

A standard printer comes in handy when you print regularly. These printers often print faster than basic printers and can print on both sides. This saves a lot of paper when you have to print school reports or extensive manuals. The printer turns the pages itself, so you don't have to do anything extra for this. A standard printer must meet the following:

  • Can print on both sides.
  • Also prints in color.
  • Can also scan and copy, in addition to printing.
  • Has integrated WiFi.

I want an advanced printer

simple printer

If you print, copy, and scan a lot, you need an advanced printer. With a minimum of 10 prints per minute, you'll never have to wait long. This is especially useful for teachers who want to check digitally submitted homework assignments on paper at home, or for self-employed professionals who have to print an annual report just before a meeting. An advanced printer also has an ADF, or automatic document feeder. This allows you to copy and scan multiple pages, without having to feed sheets of paper one by one. An advanced print must meet the following:

  • Automatically scans and copies multiple documents in succession (ADF)
  • Print at least 10 documents per minute.
  • Can print on both sides.
  • Also prints in color.
  • Can also scan and copy, in addition to printing.
  • Has integrated WiFi.

I want a photo printer

printing photos

If you want to print photos in high quality, choose a photo printer. Whether you want to print holiday pictures or the results of a professional photo shoot, with the right photo printer you'll never have to go to the copy shop. Because a photo printer prints with a high resolution, you can print razor-sharp photos. In addition, photo printers often offer space for cartridges with special colors such as photo black or light magenta, which makes colors look even better. Many models also have a separate drawer for photo paper. A photo printer must meet the following:

  • Has a minimum print resolution of 4,800 at 1,200 dpi.
  • Can print with photo black ink for more contrast.
  • Often has a separate drawer for photo paper.
  • Prints with realistic colors, thanks to the special ink.
  • Has integrated WiFi.


printing using own brand

Printers for home use use ink cartridges. These are capsules filled with ink. Pay close attention to the page yield of cartridges, so you can know in advance how much you print. A printer usually includes starter cartridges. These contain less ink than the manufacturer's usual cartridges.

In addition to original cartridges, own brand cartridges also exist. These are refilled cartridges that are produced more affordably and contain more ink than original cartridges. That means you can print more, at a lower price. The quality is about the same as original cartridges.

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