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Do I need to buy a motorless range hood?

There are range hoods with a motor and range hoods without a motor. Which one you need depends on the exhaust system in your home. If you have a central exhaust system, choose a range hood without a motor. Do you use the outward ventilation system or the recirculation setup? In that case, you'll need a range hood with motor.

In short

What type of range hood do I need?
Ventilation system: pipe comes straight out Range hood with motor
Exhaust system: none Recirculation range hoods
Exhaust system: central exhaust system Motorless range hood

Range hood with motor

Range hood for ventilation system

Range hood for exhaust ventilation system

  • Suitable for: ventilation system
  • Extraction: the air is discharged outside
  • Advantage: powerful range hood that extracts far more than the other types
  • Disadvantage: You need an outward exhaust to use this hood.

Please note! This type is absolutely not suitable for a central exhaust system. If you connect the hood to that, the food odors will end up in your bathroom, toilet, or with the neighbors.

Recirculation range hoods

Recirculation range hoods

  • Suitable for: when you do not have a ventilation system.
  • Ventilation: the air is sucked up, filtered and blown back into the kitchen.
  • Advantage: You don't have to have an outwards drain, so you can use this type in any home.
  • Disadvantage: In addition to the grease filters, you also need carbon filters, which you have to replace every once in a while.

Range hood without motor

  • Suitable for: central exhaust system
  • Extraction: a valve opens in the exhaust system, allowing the air to escape via a tube.
  • Advantage: relatively quiet and cheap.
  • Disadvantage: the suction power depends on the operation of your central exhaust system, and you can't set it yourself.

Please note! A hood without a motor simply doesn't work with an exhaust ventilation system.

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