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How do I set the microphone of my gaming headset on my PC?

You're probably familiar with the following: in the middle of an exciting game, one of your friends suddenly sounds like a robot or others cannot hear you anymore because of all the noise. Before you send your new headset back in frustration, there are a number of settings on your PC to see whether it's actually the fault of the headphones.

1. The sound settings of your game

Battlefield 1 sound settings

The first thing to check are the sound settings of the game that you're playing. Is push-to-talk turned on? Or did you turn VOIP (voice over IP) off completely? Try to adjust these settings and communicate with your friends again. The sound settings vary per game, so I recommend that you really check them out. Doesn't this work? If so, use free software like Discord to communicate with your friends.

2. Discord microphone settings

Adjusting the sound in Discord

There are also some settings to test in Discord. Make sure the following is set:

  • Select the correct input device (your microphone).
  • Choose activity or keep pressing your push-to-talk button. The bar indicates how well you're understood.
  • Adjust the sensitivity of your microphone yourself, which can be useful if you often play with background noise.
  • Doesn't Discord receive any signals from your microphone? If so, Discord will indicate this itself.

3. The microphone settings of Windows 10

View the properties of your microphone

Isn't the problem with the game or software such as Discord? If so, it's time to check out the Windows sound settings.

  • Press the windows key and search for 'sound'. Next, click on the speaker that appears.
  • Navigate to the 'recording' tab in the window that appears and right-click on your microphone and select 'properties'.
  • You don't see the microphone here? If so, check the connection of your headset or separate microphone. Has the wrong input device been selected? If so, click on the correct microphone and click on 'set as default'.

3.1 Volume and listening back.

Listen with your own microphone.

In the properties tab, do the following:

  • To check how your microphone sounds, navigate to the 'listen' tab, check 'listen to this device', and click apply. You can now hear yourself back.
  • Navigate to the 'levels' tab and check whether the volume of the microphone is set correctly. Via the boost menu, you can enhance the sound if you sound too soft, but this is at the expense of quality.


Finally, a few tips:

  • Do you use a 3.5mm connection? If so, connect it to the back of your PC, directly in the motherboard. This allows you to prevent noise and quality loss.
  • Check if your audio drivers are up-to-date. You can check this with the manufacturer of your motherboard, sound card, or DAC.
  • Do you use the USB port? If so, try another USB port and check with the software of the manufacturer of your headset if there are software or driver updates available.
  • Is your microphone removable? If so, make sure that it's correctly connected in the port.

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