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How do I set up my upgrade kit?

Upgrade kits are very suitable to make your outdated computer as good as new again. Our upgrade kits consist of a motherboard, a processor, internal memory (RAM modules) and a processor cooler. To help you with the installation of your upgrade kit you will find a step-by-step plan below with the instructions per part.

What do you need?

  • An upgrade kit consisting of:
    • A motherboard
    • Internal memory modules
    • A processor
    • A processor cooler
    • A desktop with at least the following components:
    • A power source
    • A video card
    • A hard drive or SSD
  • An antistatic bracelet
  • Thermal paste
  • A screwdriver
  • A towel to put on the computer components

Step 1: remove the old parts

Before you can install the new parts, you must first make room for this. You therefore start by removing the old computer parts (components). Put an antistatic bracelet on your wrist before you start. This prevents static current shocks and damage to the parts. You clamp the other end to a metal grounded object.

1. Open the computer case by sliding the left side to the back.

2. Remove the video card from the case. This is the card that is horizontally in the cupboard.

  • Disconnect all cables from the video card, both from the back and the side.
  • Unlock the video card on the back of the case by loosening the screw with your screwdriver.
  • The card is inserted on the right side of the cabinet in the motherboard. Make sure there is no blockage in the way and pull the video card loose.
  • A video card is a vulnerable component. Place it preferably on a soft surface, for example a towel. Immediately remove any dust from the card by means of a dust cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a brush.

3. (Optional) also remove any other cards from the motherboard.

4. Now remove the motherboard.

The motherboard is the plate that you find flat against the right side of your computer. This is the part where you pulled out the video card in the step above. The current processor and internal memory are on the motherboard. You remove these components in one go.

  • Make sure there is enough space to remove the motherboard.
  • Disconnect all connected cables.
  • Loosen the screws in the corners of the motherboard. These connect the motherboard to the housing of your computer.
  • Remove the motherboard from the cabinet.
  • A motherboard is a vulnerable component. Place it preferably on a soft surface, for example a towel. Immediately remove any dust from the card.
  • Now that the motherboard has been removed, we will start installing the new components.

Step 2: mount the motherboard

The first component you install is the motherboard. You have just seen that all components are connected to this. The motherboard is the 'nervous system' of your computer, which ensures that all signals end up in the right place.

Screw the new motherboard onto the right side of the case. For this, use the 'stand-offs', these are increases that ensure that the motherboard is not screwed directly to the cabinet. After mounting the motherboard you place the other components.

Step 3: insert the internal memory

The first component that you are going to install is the internal memory (RAM modules). These are the 2 narrow slats with a notch at the bottom.

  • Lay your computer flat in front of you with the bottom facing you.
  • At the top right of the motherboard you will find 4 empty rows. These are intended for the internal memory.
  • Click the RAM modules in the holders. For optimum performance, use slots 2 and 4. Please note: the modules only fit in one way. Don't use too much force. Doesn't it work? Then turn the modules over.

Step 4: place the processor

After placing the internal memory, place the processor. You place this in a separate holder in the middle of the motherboard.

  • Release the holder by pulling the metal bar on the side backwards.
  • Open the holder.
  • Insert the processor. Please note: the processor can only enter the holder in one way. Does it not fit? Then turn the processor 180 degrees.
  • Close the holder.
  • Lock the holder by pushing back the metal bar on the side.

Step 5: assemble the processor cooler

Now that the processor is in place, it's time to mount the cooler.

  • Place a drop of thermal paste on the top of the processor. This drop does not have to be larger than a rice grain.
  • Mount the processor cooler on the processor using the 4 screws. Press the cooler well to spread the cooling paste.
  • (Optional) connect the processor cooler to the motherboard to run the fan.

Step 6: connect the other components

In step 1 you have removed the old components. You have removed the components that are not needed. You still need to reconnect the components that are still needed. Consider your hard drive or SSD and the video card. You can connect all these parts with the new motherboard. Then turn on the computer and enjoy the gain in speed.

Is it not working?

We are happy to help you with the installation of your new upgrade kit. Does the installation fail with the help of this step-by-step plan? Then contact our customer service.

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Uhro Component Expert.

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