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Setting a TSA lock with depressible lock

You can easily identify a TSA lock with a button by the button with a lock in it. In this article, I'll explain how to set the code of a TSA lock. Note: the keyhole is used by customs at the airport, so you won't receive your own key.

Setup in 6 steps

  1. If the number combination isn't 0-0-0, set the number combination to 0-0-0.
  2. Release the zippers by pressing the button with the TSA keyhole.
  3. Press the small button on the side with the tip of a pen.
  4. Set your own numerical code. Remember it well.
  5. Press the big button you used to loosen the zippers again, until you hear 'click'. The small button shoots up again.
  6. Test the new code by entering your own invented number combination.
TSA lock

Step 1

Set the number combination to the original factory code 0-0-0 if it's not set to that.

TSA lock

Step 2

Unlock the zippers by pressing the button with the TSA keyhole.

TSA lock

Step 3

Press the small button next to the numbers with the tip of a pen.

TSA lock

Step 4

Set your own code.

TSA lock

Step 5

Press the button with the TSA keyhole again until you hear 'click' and the small button pops up again.

TSA lock

Step 6

Test your new code. Your code is now set!

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