Written by Esmee

Setting a TSA lock with depressible lock

Traveling safely is important when you're on vacation. Having a lock on your suitcase is essential for this. A TSA lock with button can be easily recognized from the button with a keyhole in it. The keyhole is for airport security, so you won't get your own key. In this article, I'll explain how to set the combination for a TSA lock with depressible lock.

How do you set the lock?

  • Turn the 3 numbers to the standard factory code, 0-0-0, and press the button with the keyhole in it. The zipper tabs will be released.

  • After admiring your suitcase's interior, you of course want to set your own combination. Next to the two openings where you push in the zipper tabs, you can see a square pin. Use a pen to push it.

  • The pin will stay down while you set the combination you want.

  • Next, press the keyhole with 'TSA007' written on it. The pin will pop back up. You've successfully set the combination; your suitcase is locked.

Note: Don't forget to turn the wheels to a different combination before you leave. That way, nobody will be able to open the suitcase but you. Save travels!

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