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Why a smart air purifier the thing for you

Do you like keeping track of everything on your smartphone? You can control a smart air purifier remotely via an app on your smartphone. You can also see exactly what the air quality in your house is. That way, you can choose the exact right setting to purify the air in your house. In this article, we'll tell you about the possibilities of a smart air purifier.

Have an overview of the indoor and outdoor air quality everywhere

Overview air quality indoor and outdoor

Even when you're not at home, you can quickly check the air quality in your house. Smart air purifiers work via WiFi, which is why they can send a signal to your smartphone or tablet. Isn't the air quality optimal? You can adjust the air purifier to a higher setting via the app. Most smart air purifiers also keep you up to date on the outdoor air quality. That way, you'll know if there's a lot of emission in your neighborhood.

You can simply control the air purifier remotely

Control air purifier remotely

You can also remotely control a smart air purifier via the app. That way, you don't have to walk to the device every time when you're at home. Even when you're not at home, but at work, for example, you can switch on the air purifier. That way, you'll get home to a healthy and clean interior climate.

You'll receive a notification when the filter needs to be replaced

Replace filter

The filter of an air purifier will only last for a certain time. Smart air purifiers will give an indication via the app of when you need to clean or replace the filter. Some air purifiers let you track the status of the filter. That way, a smart purifier will always optimally clean the air.


You could use a smart purifier if you like to be up to date on everything. It'll contribute as much to a healthy interior climate as a normal air purifier; you just control it in a different way. In case of normal air purifiers, you have to walk to the air purifier to adjust it, while smart air purifiers allow you to use your smartphone as a remote.

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