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How do I strip my speaker cable?

In this article, we'll explain how to strip a speaker cable in a few simple steps. A speaker cable consists of a left and a right side. Each side consists of 2 separate wires. So, a speaker cable contains a total of 4 separate wires. These wires all need to be stripped in order to connect the speaker to your your receiver and other speakers. You'll need a wire stripper for this.

Step 1: remove the casing

Cable clamp

Place the wire stripper's clamps 2cm from the end of the wire. The wire stripper shows various dimensions. Place the wire into the dimension that applies to your speaker cable. You can see what it looks like in the image. Squeeze the casing with the wire stripper and slowly pull the squeezed part towards you. Repeat for the other 4 wires.

Step 2: Place the wires side by side


Once you've removed the casing from the wires, make sure the bare ends of the wires don't touch. Pull the ends apart slightly, and lay them down about 15cm apart.

Step 3: Twist the wires into a pointed shape

Twist cable

The loose wires are still flat. Twist the 4 ends into a pointed shape using your fingers. Make sure to do this carefully and not too roughly, to prevent the wire from being damaged.

You're done!

You can get your speaker cable ready to use in 3 simple steps. After that, you can connect the speaker cable to your other speakers and receiver.

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