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Tips after purchasing your projector

You want to enjoy your new projector as much and as long as possible. That is why we've listed a number of useful tips. This way, you can extend the lifespan of your projector and create the ideal setup.

6 tips after purchasing your projector

  • Tip 1: don't unplug the connector.
  • Tip 2: make sure there is room.
  • Tip 3: prevent noise.
  • Tip 4: calculate the best setup with the projection ratio.
  • Tip 5: choose a long power cable for a ceiling mount.
  • Tip 6: use an HDMI cable.

Tip 1: don't unplug the connector

A projector needs time to cool down after you turn it off. It does this by spinning the fan quickly. Don't unplug the projector when it's cooling down, because you risk overheating. Press the off or standby button instead. You can find this button on the projector or on the included remote.

Tip 2: make sure there is room

Another way to prevent overheating is to make sure the projector has enough space to dissipate heat. Keep at least 10 centimeters free on all sides and don't place the projector in a cupboard that's closed off, deep, or too small.

Tip 3: prevent noise

Don't place the projector close to your ears

A projector has a fan that produces noise. The fan's noise level is similar to that of a modern fridge. As a result, it may impact your viewing experience. Don't place the projector too close to your ears unless you connect a separate speaker set to drown out the sound of your projector.

Tip 5: choose a long power cable for a ceiling mount

Short power cable

The power cable of most projectors is only 1 meter long. Do you want to mount the projector to the ceiling? In that case, you'll probably need a longer cable or a power strip. Do you want to avoid long cables and power strips altogether? You can connect the projector to your device via a wireless extender.

Tip 6: use an HDMI cable

Use an HDMI cable

An HDMI cable can be used to connect a Blu-ray player, console, or digital decoder. If you need a cable of 7 meters or longer, choose a high-quality cable. This way, you'll prevent the image signals from losing quality.

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