Written by Laurence

Tips after purchasing your projector

You've just bought a projector. I've listed a couple of tips for you that will help you significantly increase your projector's average lifespan. In this article, you'll also find tips to help you to set up and connect your projector.

Tip 1: Save some space

Make sure the projector has plenty of space to dissipate its heat. Stay clear at least 10 centimeters on all sides and don't place it in a closed, deep, or narrow closet.

Tip 2: beware of overheating

When you turn off the projector, it starts cooling down. The fan will noticeably start speeding up. At this point, you can't turn the projector on again. You can only do this once it has cooled down. Never unplug the projector while it's cooling down, this might cause it to overheat.

Tip 3: prevent noise

Don't place the projector to close to your ears. Projectors include a fan that makes noise. The noise level is comparable to that of a modern fridge.

Tip 4: a long cable for mouting it on the ceiling

Decided to mount the projector on the ceiling? Chances are you'll need a longer power cord. Most projectors feature a power cord that's only 1 meter in length.

Tip 5: use an HDMI cable

For the best quality, you should use an HDMI cable to connect sources like your Blu-ray player, console, or decoder. If you need a cord that's 7 meters or longer, make sure that it's a good-quality cord.

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