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7 tips for cleaning your patio with a high-pressure cleaner

After the winter, there is a good chance that you have to clean your terrace. For example, there may be green deposits on your tiles and garden furniture. Remove green deposits and clean your terrace with a high-pressure cleaner. In this article I give you some tips for cleaning your terrace with the pressure washer.

2. Empty your patio

Empty terrace

Empty the terrace and make a small plan on how to clean the terrace with your high-pressure cleaner the fastest. This way you can be sure that you do not miss a single tile.

4. Keep the water far away from electricity

Keep water away from electricity

Of course you keep the water away from electricity when you are at work. Be extra careful when using an extension cord. You work with a large amount of water that can flow to other parts of the terrace, so also to the location of the extension cord. This is very dangerous. Keep the water away from the electricity.

5. Work with safety accessories

Safety accessories

If you work with a high-pressure cleaner, the water can splash. Always wear safety glasses to prevent drops getting into your eyes. Some high-pressure cleaners have a high noise level, so you may need hearing protection. You can also use other safety accessories, such as work gloves, when you carry out larger cleaning jobs.

6. Start with a low pressure and build it up

Start with a low pressure and build it up

A danger when cleaning a terrace with a high-pressure cleaner is that you spray away the top layer of the stones or the wood as it were. The result is that you increase the chance of a green attack. That is why it is always a good idea to start with low pressure and to increase it if necessary.

7. Bring your garden furniture as well

Cleaning garden furniture

Naturally, a clean terrace with green furniture does not want anyone. That is why you can also immediately clean your garden furniture. You clean the garden furniture with a spray lance or with a washing brush. Don't forget to also take the bottom of the furniture with you.

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