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7 tips for filming with a 360-degree camera

Making videos with a 360 degree camera is not nearly as easy as you think. There are quite a few things that you have to take into account. With the following 7 tips you get the best out of your camera.

1. Film at eye level

By filming at eye level you sketch a natural image. When the viewer views your video, it seems like he or she is at the destination.

2. Use a one-leg stand / monopod

When you use a tripod tripod, chances are that you will see the legs in your video. Sin! Therefore make use of a so-called monopod or single-leg stand. You will not see these back on your videos sooner.

3. Hide if you do not want to be in the picture

Because of the 360-degree image you will end up on the video anyway if you hold the camera yourself. If you do not want this, be creative. Place the camera somewhere and hide behind a tree, car or wall.

4. Record clear audio recordings separately

Almost all 360 degree cameras record audio recordings, but they are not really thunderous. How do you solve this? Simple. Record your audio separately with a microphone or phone and add it to your video during editing.

5. Consider the stitch

Many people forget that with a 360 degree camera with 2 lenses you always have to deal with a so-called stitch (also called a dividing line). If you film a person or subject, put it in front of a lens and not between two lenses. If you do not do this, the subject is taken out of context with deformation as a result.

6. Film in situations with sufficient light around the camera

With most 360 degree cameras, noise occurs when you film in the dark or in low light situations. Due to the low maximum ISO value, the chance of noise is high. You stop noise by filming with enough light.

7. Make sure that the area around the camera is completely free

Consider the environment when you are filming from 1 point. Make sure that the area around the camera is completely free. For example, do not place the camera close to a wall. Half of the images (180 degrees) are then filled with wall and that is not pleasant to look at.

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