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What settings do you use to film with your camera?

You do not necessarily need a video camera to make beautiful film recordings. You can also make slick films with most cameras. Which settings do you use when filming with your photo camera? All information about manually setting up your camera for making a movie is listed in this article. Who knows, you might turn into the next Tarantino.

How do I adjust my shutter speed?

Set shutter speed

When you take a video, you adjust the shutter speed to the frame rate you use. The frame rate is the number of frames per second that is displayed. The average for film is 24 frames per second. If you want to show a smooth motion, choose a slower shutter speed. At 24 frames per second, a shutter speed of 1/50 fits. If you want to film fast movements, you use a fps of 60. Here a shutter speed of 1/120 fits.

Which aperture do I use?

Set aperture

If you work with a fast shutter speed, there is less light on the sensor of your camera. This gives you the chance of underexposed images. You solve this by using a large aperture. A large aperture can be translated into a small aperture value. The disadvantage of a large aperture is that you do not get everything in focus. Do you want more light in the image? Then you use a film lamp for extra lighting.

What do I do with my ISO values?

Set ISO value

Increasing the ISO value increases the light sensitivity of the sensor of your camera. In practice, this does not work equally well with every camera. With a high ISO, the chance of noise in your image increases. You obviously want to avoid this when making a movie. That's why you opt for a different lighting solution in dark rooms. Cameras with a powerful image processor perform better at higher ISO settings.

How do I start vlogging?

Start vlogging

Are you planning to start vlogging, or are you a vlogger looking to switch to a different vlog camera? The possibilities when it comes to vlog cameras are huge and it's important to choose the camera that best suits you. We'll help you out.

What accessories do I need to film with a photo camera?


Accessories help you to get the most out of your camera while filming. In this article I explain to you what accessories you can use to expand your camera. This way you know exactly whether or not you need a microphone adapter, film lamp or field recorder for your next film project.

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