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5 tips to prevent motion sickness in VR

Motion sickness is something you get in the car, on the plane or on a boat. Motion sickness while using virtual reality glasses also fits in that list at home. You experience it during intense games or when playing simulators. The feeling can vary from nausea to dizziness. In this article you will find 5 tips to prevent motion sickness in VR.

Tip 1: ensure the correct specifications

Correct specs

Preventing motion sickness starts with the use of suitable hardware. A screen with a minimum refresh rate of 90 Hz and a video card that never falls below 90 frames per second are needed to display smooth images. The VR glasses that you use need accurate sensors to translate your movements 1 to 1 into the virtual world. For smartphone VR it is important that your smartphone has a gyroscope.

Tip 2: train your brain

Training the brain

Do you get the feeling of nausea or dizziness during your VR session? Stop immediately and put away the VR gear. In this way you prevent your brain from linking the smell and feeling of the VR gear to the feeling of motion sickness. Stop using the VR gear just before you experience nausea or dizziness and slowly build up your tolerance.

Tip 3: practical tips

Play VR with tips

Before you put on the VR headset, make sure that you've eaten and drank enough. Check your breathing and breathe calmly. Take breaks when you feel that things are not going well. Put a fan on yourself or open a window if you're going to play for fresh air.

Tip 4: lower brightness

Decrease brightness

By reducing the brightness of the VR glasses, you reduce the stimuli that your brain receives and need to process. As a result, your brain adjusts better and you have fewer problems with the moving images.

Tip 5: choose your game carefully

VR games

Not every VR game or experience takes it as closely with the pursuit of a continuous 90 frames per second experience. Crashes in the image confuse the brain because it only happens visually. The rest of your body just continues. If you are particularly sensitive to motion sickness, it's a good idea to choose a game with teleportation used for movement.

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