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What do I need for convenience & comfort in a smart home?

Smart products provide ease of use. For example, it allows you to switch on your lighting using an app or a smart speaker. A smart thermostat provides more comfort. That way, you can be sure it's always comfortably warm in your house. In this article, I'll tell you which smart products you need for more ease of use and comfort at home.

Everything works together

Everything works together

If you purchase compatible smart home products, everything works together. For example, you can have both your lighting and thermostat switch on as soon as you arrive home. Or dim your ceiling lamps and switch on the table lamp using voice commands. Simply add a sensor that registers when you enter the house. You can also use an app for this. That way, you don't have to think about anything anymore. Naturally, the products from our Gemak & Comfort starter packs are compatible with each other. This makes for extra user-friendliness and comfort in your home.

Come home to a warm and well-lit house

Geofencing smart lights

If the days are getting shorter and colder, you don't want to come home to a cold house. You can instruct your thermostat to start heating before you arrive home. That way, it's always comfortably warm by the time you walk through the door. If you connect the thermostat to your smart lights, you can have these switch on at the same time. You'll feel comfortable in your own home right away.

Smart thermostat learns from your behavior

Smart thermostat

With a smart thermostat, you always have the right temperature in your home. These thermostats learn from your habits. As a result, it's not only comfortably warm when you get home, but your house already has the ideal temperature the moment you get out of bed. On top of that, the temperature automatically drops when you're not at home. This allows you to save energy, since you'll no longer forget to turn down the thermostat.

Automate smart lights with or without a sensor

Smart lighting

You can instruct smart lights to switch on whenever you enter the house. You do this by linking your location to the app of your smart lighting. A sensor is also used for automation. Such a sensor not only ensures that the lights switch on by the time you arrive home, but you mount it in every room in the house. That way, there already is sufficient lighting when you walk into a room. Leaving a room? The lights switch off automatically.

Make devices smart with a smart connector

Smart connectors

Do you have devices at home that aren't smart, but they function properly? With a smart connector, you can make any product smart. For example, you can also control your night light with an app. Or link your coffee machine to a smart connector, so you don't need to get out of bed if you've just woken up. If you link the smart connector to your smart speaker or smart home hub, you can also control your devices using your voice.

A clean house with a robot vacuum

Smart robot vacuum

While your thermostat and smart lighting switch off when you leave, a robot vacuum switches on. This smart vacuum knows when you're not there. Your house will be clean by the time you get back. Having a day off from work, but still want a clean house? Simply control this robot vacuum using the app or your voice. A smart home hub allows you to use voice commands.

Use voice commands, from the comfort of your chair

Smart speakers

A smart home hub or smart speaker is the heart of your smart home. Thanks to the integrated voice assistant, you can use voice commands with smart devices. Set the thermostat to 20 degrees or dim the light, for example. A smart home hub also allows you to link all your devices. You can turn the lights on in the morning with 1 command and switch on the coffee machine. A smart speaker can even plays your favorite podcast during breakfast.

Gemak & Comfort Start

Package with thermostat, smart home hub, and lighting | Light source fitting: E27 (large fitting) | Light color: Color, White
507,98 492,98
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The Gemak & Comfort Start package includes 3 smart lights with color lighting and a smart thermostat. The lights respond to the dimmer and the motion sensor, but you can also control them with your voice via the Google Nest Mini, which is also included.

Gemak & Comfort Basic

Package with thermostat, smart home hub, and lighting | Light source fitting: E27 (large fitting) | Light color: Color, White
566,93 541,93
temporarily sold out

The Gemak & Comfort Basic package includes all products from the Start package, but it has a Google Nest Hub instead of the Google Nest Mini. This means you can control the smart devices with your voice, but you can also use the screen of the Nest Hub. This screen can help you by showing recipes while you're cooking, for example.

Gemak & Comfort Deluxe

Package with robot vacuum, thermostat, smart home hub, and lighting | Light source fitting: E27 (large fitting) | Light color: Color, White
815,93 780,93
temporarily sold out

You'll find all products from the Basic package in the Deluxe package, but it also includes a smart robot vacuum. This means you can control your thermostat and lighting with your voice, but you can also switch on the vacuum whenever you want. All from the comfort of your chair.

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