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What is a macro lens and why should you choose one?

A macro lens has very specific properties. In this article, I will explain more about this. This way you will find out what a macro lens is and what you can choose from within the range. Who knows, a macro lens is the type of lens that you have always been looking for.

What is a macro lens?

What is a macro lens

With a macro lens you capture small subjects or details up close. To capture the subject as faithfully as possible, most macro lenses have a magnification of 1:1. This means that the subject is recorded at its actual size. The focusing distance is also important with macro lenses. This factor ensures that you focus closely on the subject. The large aperture is typical of a macro lens. With this you put the focus on 1 small part in the image.

What can I choose from?

Macro lenses with different focal lengths

Macro lenses are available with different focal lengths. The focal length determines whether you should stand closely to your subject or whether the camera brings your subject closer. In addition, lenses are available with various focusing distances. First determine what you want to photograph before choosing this distance. The shorter this distance, the closer you can focus on your subject. You also have the choice of a macro lens with a variable or fixed aperture. A fixed aperture ensures better quality photos.

What do I photograph with it?

What do you photograph with it

Because a macro lens lets you photograph small subjects and details close by, the lenses are often used for nature photography. A macro lens is very suitable for capturing details of plants and flowers and small insects. But also for taking product photos and culinary pictures, a macro lens is very useful. This way you clearly capture the smallest details of a product or dish. With a macro lens with a large aperture, the background remains blurred and the subject stands out.

When do I choose a macro lens?

When do you choose a macro lens

A macro lens is a good addition for photographers who want to focus on detail photography. With these lenses, you can make a sharp photo from a very short distance to the subject. This works much less well with most other lenses. In addition, you capture everything at full size, which is very important for small subjects. The fixed aperture provides a quality photo and ensures that the small part stands out.

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