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What is a power bank?

A power bank is a wireless charger you can use to charge your smartphone, tablet, or even your laptop. Useful on the road, because there usually isn't a socket nearby to charge your device. In this article, I'll explain what you can do with a power bank, how you use it, and how you charge it.

What is a power bank?

Power bank with tablet and phone

A power bank is an external battery for mobile devices. It's easy to take with you, so you can provide your phone, tablet, or smartwatch with that little extra power it needs to make it through the day. You can connect this rechargeable battery to your phone via a USB cable and it will charge just like it does when it's connected to a socket.

Why do I want a power bank?

Why power bank

If you're on the go all day long, you often don't have the possibility to charge your phone or tablet in the meantime. A power bank solves this problem, since it provides your phone, tablet, or laptop with extra power and sometimes even charges your device fully. Perfect for making it through your working day, holiday or school day without being unreachable.

How do I use a power bank?

Use Power bank

You can find 1 or more USB ports on the power bank. With some power banks, you can even charge up to 4 devices at a time. You can plug the charging cable into a USB port on your power bank, and your device will have power again. It's that easy! A lot of power banks have a LED light that indicates how much power is left.

How do I charge a power bank?

Charging the power bank

The most common charging method is via USB. You can connect the power bank to your computer via the included cable, after which the power bank will be charged. You can also charge it via a socket, but not all power banks come with a cable with an 'old-fashioned' plug. Power banks that are suitable for laptops often do come with an adapter.

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