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What is a mirrorless camera and why should you choose one?

In terms of performance, most mirrorless cameras are not inferior to an SLR camera. But what is a mirrorless camera? And what are your options with such a device? Below, you'll find the answer to these questions. So after reading this, you know exactly why you should opt for a mirrorless camera.

What is a mirrorless camera?

What is a mirrorless camera

A mirrorless camera is a digital camera with an interchangeable lens. The mirrorless camera differs from the advanced compact camera in that it doesn't have an interchangeable lens. In principle, a mirrorless camera offers the same possibilities as an SLR camera. Consider, for example, the manual settings. With a mirrorless camera, the mirror system missing. This means you don't look through the lens at your subject, but through a digital image. An advantage of this is that mirrorless cameras are often somewhat more compact and lightweight.

What image quality does a mirrorless camera offer?

Image quality mirrorless camera

The image quality of a photo mainly depends on the size of the camera sensor. The larger the sensor, the more pixels there are, and the better the image quality. A mirrorless camera usually has the same type of sensor as an SLR camera. Most cameras have an APS C or Micro four thirds sensor. An APS C sensor is a fairly large sensor, allowing you to also create detailed and clear images.

What kind of settings do I adjust?

Adjust settings

With an advanced mirrorless camera, you can adjust all settings manually. For example, you can choose the correct exposure by adjusting the ISO sensitivity, the aperture, or the shutter speed. In addition, with most mirrorless cameras you can choose between various modes. With this, you can take a good macro, portrait, or night photo in an instant. With most mirrorless cameras, you immediately get to see the result of the chosen mode when taking the photo.

What does the range of lenses look like?

Lenses for mirrorless camera

Another advantage of a mirrorless camera is the interchangeable lens. This means you can choose the right lens for every type of photo. For example, macro, wide-angle, and telephoto lenses are available for mirrorless cameras. The total offer is unfortunately somewhat limited. Because mirrorless cameras are still on the rise, there are not that many different lenses on the market. Photographers with SLR cameras have a much wider choice of lenses.

When do I choose a mirrorless camera?

Opt for mirrorless camera

You choose a system camera if you want to make good quality recordings. But also if you want to have the same options while shooting with an SLR camera. A major advantage compared to the SLR camera is that a mirrorless camera is quite compact. This is thanks to the lack of the mirror system. So keep in mind that you are not viewing your subjects through the lens, but through a digital image.

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