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What is AEG SensiDry technology?

To protect your laundry against heat during drying, purchase an AEG heat pump dryer with SensiDry technology. This technique is on all AEG 7000, 8000 and 9000 clothes dryers. Due to the low drying temperature, your laundry will stay as new for longer. You also save energy with SensiDry, which is better for the environment. In this article you can read everything about SensiDry.

SensiDry: prevents shrinkage

AEG dryer

With an AEG tumble dryer with SensiDry you prevent your laundry from shrinking. Your favorite pants or sweater does not come into contact with unnecessary heat. This way you always dry your clothes safely. The tumble dryer is therefore also suitable for delicate fabrics such as wool and silk. Another big advantage is that you save energy and contribute to the environment. You save energy costs from € 50 per year compared to a condenser dryer.

How does SensiDry work?

AEG SensiDry tumble dryer

An AEG tumble dryer with SensiDry dries at a low temperature. This is because the tumble dryer works with a heat pump and a coolant. The coolant in the bottom of the tumble dryer cools the air during drying. The heat pump uses this air again. By repeating the heating and cooling process, the air does not get warmer than 54° C. A tumble dryer without SensiDry reaches a temperature up to 82° C and therefore dries faster, but this is worse for your clothes and the environment.

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