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What is the build quality of a shoulder bag?

How long does a shoulder bag last? That is the question we answer with the build quality. The higher the class, the longer the shoulder bag will last. Do you want a good quality shoulder bag? Then you are looking for a top-class shoulder bag. A shoulder bag with a top-class build quality has 70% or more of the important building quality specifications. The other classes are middle and base class.

This way we determine the build quality of a shoulder bag

Here you will find an overview of the specifications that contribute to the build quality of a shoulder bag:

** Material **: The material is the most important specification for determining the quality level. The material plays the biggest role in the life of the bag. High-quality leather such as full-grain leather and strong nylon score highest. Thin textile scores the lowest.

** Laptop protection **: We measure whether the bag protects your laptop against light or heavier impacts. In some shoulder bags, the laptop compartment is just as thick as a laptop sleeve. That scores the height.

** Closing main compartment **: A double zipper goes the longest and provides extra safety. For example, with a click closure, dirt and water will enter the bag more quickly.

** Water resistance **: This is the extent to which the material stops water, so that your items remain dry.

Top-class shoulder bags

Top-class shoulder bags

If you want the best of the best, choose a top-class shoulder bag. In this class, a shoulder bag has at least 70% of the above specifications. Through the use of high-quality materials you have years of pleasure from your purchase. Shoulder bags in this category are made of strong material that protects your laptop from bumps. The double zip also ensures extra safety. A top-class shoulder bag is a good choice when you use your bag every day.

Mid-sized shoulder bags

Mid-sized shoulder bags

A shoulder bag with a middle class build quality has at least 50% of the mentioned specifications. It lasts less than a top class, but longer than a basic-class shoulder bag. This means, for example, that they do not have a double rinse closure. Or just the other way around and the bag protects your laptop against scratches, but not against bumps. The material is reasonable, so the lifespan of these bags is average.

Basic class shoulder bags

Basic class shoulder bags

The cheapest shoulder bags can be found in the basic class. These are not necessarily bad, but they have less than half of the above specifications. Do you not expect much of the quality? Then a basic class shoulder bag is suitable. The materials used are of less high quality, so the shoulder bag lasts less than a middle or top class model. Nevertheless, shoulder bags with this build quality are a great choice when you often change bag or do not use it daily.


Are you looking for a durable shoulder bag that guarantees your stuff? Then choose a shoulder bag with minimal build quality middle class. These shoulder bags are made of strong materials and meet the most important specifications that contribute to the build quality. Do you go for building quality top class, then your shoulder bag on average longer and offers you good protection to your valuables.

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