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What should you keep in mind when buying a fridge?

You go camping with your caravan in France or with the camper through America pull and want a refrigerator for camping. What should you pay attention to when buying a refrigerator for your caravan or camper? In this article you can read which type of camping refrigerator is most suitable for your holiday and what you need to think about when purchasing.

Cool box, mini fridge or table model?

Choose a cooler when you do not keep a lot of groceries cool. Because of the higher noise level, it is not suitable when you place it near your sleeping place. A mini fridge has more space for groceries and is also somewhat quieter. Are you with a larger family or do you keep a lot of food in the fridge? Then choose a table model. This also makes a lot less noise and is therefore also close to your sleeping place.

Which connector do I need?

Connector camping fridge

A mini fridge and table model use 230 volts. This is the voltage that comes from all Dutch sockets. With a cool box it depends on the model you choose. Some can also be connected to 230 volts, others use 12 volts.

Which refrigeration system do you want in your camping fridge?

You have 3 different types of cooling systems for in a camping refrigerator. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages. Are you sleeping next to your cooler or mini fridge? Then choose one with an absorption system. If you want an energy-efficient model, choose a compressor system. If you are looking for a cheap camping fridge, then a thermoelectric cooling system is the best choice.

Advantages and disadvantages of cooling systems

Cooling system camping fridge

Compressor cooling

  • Connection different: 12V and 230V
  • Fast on temperature
  • Low energy consumption
  • Makes a relatively large amount of noise

Absorption cooling

  • Connect to 12V, 230V and gas
  • Less quickly on temperature
  • Makes hardly any noise
  • Less energy efficient than compressor

Thermo electric cooling

  • Connect to 12V and 230V
  • Slowly on temperature
  • Makes a lot of noise by fan
  • Less energy efficient than compressor

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