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Advice on fridges

What should you look for when buying a fridge? Step one is choosing a free-standing or built-in fridge. You can place a freestanding fridge anywhere where you have a socket. A built-in fridge can be integrated in a niche in your kitchen. In this article, we'll tell you which fridge suits you.

Freestanding fridges

Freestanding fridge

You can place a freestanding fridge anywhere you want, like your kitchen, storage, or living room. You don't have to worry about kitchen cabinet sizes and niche dimensions. That saves you a lot of thinking and measuring. Make sure to check whether the dimensions of the fridge correspond with the place you want to put it. Freestanding fridges come in all shapes and sizes. There are fridge freezer combinations, compact fridges, mini fridges, American fridges, and standard fridges.

Built-in fridges

Built-in fridge

The advantage of a built-in fridge is that you don't see it. Instead of a big plain gray or white appliance in the middle of your kitchen, your fridge will be nicely hidden behind your kitchen cabinets. It's very important to carefully measure the space where you want to place the fridge. You should look at the hinge type. There are 2 types of built-in fridges. These are standard fridges and fridge freezer combinations.

Energy consumption

Energy consumption fridge

It depends on the capacity and the energy label how much energy your fridge consumes. To calculate the energy costs per year, you can multiply the energy consumption per year in kWh by 0.23. You can find the energy consumption on the energy label.

Extra functions

Extra functions

Never want to defrost? Choose a fridge with No Frost. With a fridge with a water and ice cube dispenser, you'll always have an ice cold glass of water at hand. Currently, more and more smart fridges with WiFi are available. This way, you can check if you have enough milk and vegetables on your phone when you're at the supermarket.

Help after purchase

Expert Coolblue

Your fridge is making noise, you want to move the fridge, or you want to save energy. On the 'Help after purchase' page, we'll help you with all of your fridge-related questions and give you useful tips. Do you know what the best temperature is for your groceries and how you can best organize your fridge?

Fridge in the shed

Fridge shed

Are you looking for a fridge for in the shed? Keep the minimum ambient temperature of the appliance in mind. This indicates up to which temperature your fridge keeps functioning well. As long as the temperature in the shed doesn't reach below the minimum, the fridge is suitable for the shed.

Installation service

Installation service

We'll deliver the fridge for free. Don't you have time or don't know how to install your new fridge? Choose our installation service on the product page. We'll install the fridge for you for a fee, and we won't leave before everything's set up.

Fridge subscription

Fridge subscription

With a Coolblue subscription, you can have a fridge that always works for a fixed amount per month. This one is also energy-efficient and high-quality. You can read how you can get a subscription in the article below.

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