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5 reasons to buy a new fridge

Maybe you have already considered it, maybe you haven't. When do you buy a new fridge? Read 5 reasons for buying a new fridge here.

5. It uses a lot of energy

Energy label

Fridges have become 72% more energy-efficient in the last 15 years. Replacing your old model with a new one will easily save you 100 euros a year. From a financial point of view, it almost always gives you an advantage. Be honest, that sounds pretty good, right? You even contribute to protecting the environment. Future generations will be very happy about that.

2. It's noisy

Noise level on energy label

Does your fridge make an annoying humming noise all day long, and you think it's supposed to do that? I have good news. It isn't. Nowadays, some fridges produce only 38 decibels. You can hardly hear them. There's more silent models too. I can hear you think: those silent fridges must be very expensive. Wrong. They come in all shapes and sizes, from mini-fridges to American models, and from affordable to expensive. In short, there's always a suitable model for you.

3. It's too small

American fridge inside and outside

Your household changes over time. Maybe you have a family with 4 children and a partner. Your old compact fridge from your student days, is simply too small for all those juice boxes, cans of baby food, and bottles of wine and beer (for you). You may have a lot of friends over, and want more cooling space for them. Large fridges are popular for a reason: they cool a lot of groceries and they're often handy to arrange with Smart or VarioSpace. This way, you'll always find a layout that suits your household.

4. It's not smart

Smart fridge (instaview)

Fridges are becoming 'smarter'. Various technological developments mean that your fridge responds to your needs more and more. Take No Frost for example. Your freezer will automatically defrost. This means that you'll never have to turn off your fridge and throw away your food again. Or the fresh zone, where your fruit and vegetables stay fresh twice as long. The most innovative feature is Instaview. Tap twice the glass door twice and watch it change from cloudy to transparent. You can now look right through the door. You can see whether you still have milk and eggs, or whether it is time for a trip to the supermarket.

5. It's ugly

Nice fridges

Your taste changes over time. That brown fridge that looked nice in front of that orange wall 30 years ago, now stands out like a sore thumb in your trendy, industrial kitchen. A stainless steel fridge fits better. Fridges nowadays look like designer furniture sometimes. There's plenty of choice, too. Choose a specific material, a special retro style, or a striking color. There's something for everyone.

Did you make up your mind or are you not sure yet?

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