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Why it's good to hand in your old white goods

Sooner or later, your washing machine, fridge, or dishwasher will break. Your white goods has reached the end of its lifespan or you want to replace it with some new technology. If your white goods appliance is older than 7 years, it's time to replace it anyway. At Coolblue, we take your old appliance with us when we deliver your new one. Why is it a recycling your old appliance good? You can read it here.

Reusable raw materials

Reusable raw materials

A white goods appliance is made of a lot of materials, 90% of which are reusable. Nowadays, our planet is being drained of its natural resources. That's why it's a sustainable and environmentally-friendly choice to recycle your old fridge, dishwasher, or washing machine. This way, we prevent unnecessary waste and a shortage of raw materials.

What happens to your appliance?

Hand in appliance

An old white goods product contains materials like steel, aluminum, copper, glass, and plastic. These materials can easily be reused. Harmful substances are treated separately, so they don't end up in the environment. That's why you shouldn't just put your old appliances out on the street, but take them to the recycling center for expert recycling. This way, your white goods product gets a second life.

Hand in your old appliance

Hand in old appliance

You can recycle your old appliance in different locations. For example, electronic stores or a recycling center. When you buy a new appliance at Coolblue, we take the old product with us. Don't resell your fridge or washing machine if it's older than 7 years. Since they're so old, they use a lot more energy. That's a bad deal for the next owner and for the environment.

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