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When can you put your fridge in the shed?

An extra fridge in the basement or shed is useful when you want to stock up on food, but will a fridge work in a space that's not heated? It depends on the minimum ambient temperature in winter and the fridge's climate class.

It's never colder than 10 degrees Celsius

Thermometer (10 degrees) visual

If your basement or shed is never colder than 10 degrees Celsius, it's almost certainly insulated. In that case, any fridge with a minimum ambient temperature of 10 degrees Celsius is suitable to be placed in your basement or shed. The minimum ambient temperature is related to the fridge's climate class. All fridges in the SN, SN-T, or SN-ST climate class have a lower limit of 10 degrees Celsius. You'll find the climate class on the fridge's product page, in the manual, and on the serial plate inside the fridge.

It's never colder than 0 degrees Celsius

Thermometer (0 degrees) visual

If your basement or fridge never gets colder than 0 degrees Celsius, choose a fridge with a minimum ambient temperature of 0 degrees. There's no climate class for this temperature yet, but a number of brands do guarantee proper functioning.

How do climate classes work?

A climate class indicates the minimum and maximum temperatures between which a fridge works properly. A model with the SN climate class will work optimally in spaces where the temperature is between 10 and 32 degrees Celsius. A freezer with a SN-T climate classification will do so between a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 43 degrees Celsius.

Climate classes Minimum temperature (degrees Celsius) Maximum temperature (degrees Celsius)
N 16 32
ST 16 38
T 16 43
SN 10 32

What will happen if the fridge is in a space that's too cold?

When a fridge is in a space that's too cold, it will stop working, or its freezing capacity will diminish. This means your food will spoil. Apart from that, the warranty for damage that may be caused by a too cold ambient temperature will expire. The manufacturer won't cover this damage.

What can I do about a shed that's too cold?

If your basement or shed is too cold for a fridge, we recommend insulating the space. That way, you'll prevent the temperature from dropping too much during the winter months. You could also consider moving the fridge to a warmer space as soon as the minimum ambient temperature has been reached.

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