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The biggest pros and cons of a NoFrost fridge

A NoFrost fridge is more expensive, but it does have a number of major advantages. You never have to defrost the freezer compartment of a fridge with NoFrost and your frozen frozen foods retain their flavor and structure. In this article, the biggest advantages and disadvantages have been listed.

Pro: never defrost again

NoFrost freezer compartment

If we look at the advantages of NoFrost, never defrosting again is the biggest by far. You'll never have to empty the fridge 5 to 6 times a year, never throw groceries out again to to clear it of ice.

Pro: fresh products

NoFrost for fresh products

NoFrost ensures your products stay fresh and tasty longer. Ice crystals form on your frozen groceries in a freezer compartment without anti ice buildup. These crystals affect the taste and structure. Ice cream changes from creamy and tasty to icy and watery after a while in the freezer. Ice cream from a NoFrost fridge remains tasty.

Pro: comfort

NoFrost for convenience

Frozen drawers that barely open, products frozen to the back wall, and illegible labels are things of the past with a NoFrost fridge. Open drawers effortlessly and grab all the frozen foods you need without hassle. Nice and easy.

Con: more expensive

NoFrost slightly more expensive

On average, you pay about € 127 more for a fridge with NoFrost. Don't think NoFrost is worth the extra money? There are also fridges with Low Frost. You only have to defrost these models once or twice a year.

Con: not as silent

Not as silent

A NoFrost fridge is generally a little more noisy than a model without NoFrost. Fortunately, there are also models with both NoFrost and a low noise level.

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