Advice on freestanding fridges

Will you go for a standard fridge, a fridge freezer combination, or a real American fridge with ice dispenser? You should ask yourself 3 things when you're looking for a new fridge: how large should me fridge be, how energy efficient should it be, and which extra functions do I want? On this page, we'll explain the 3 most important points, so you can choose the best fridge for you.

What fridge suits me?

Freestanding fridge models

Choosing a new refrigerator is difficult. There are 6 different models, such as American refrigerators, fridge-freezer combinations and table-top refrigerators. Which refrigerator you have to buy depends on the size of your household and your desire for freezer space. You should also look at your budget when choosing a fridge. We'll give you an overview of the things to keep in mind.

What is cool quality?

Cool quality fridge

The cool quality of a fridge can be divided in 3 classes: top-notch, mid-range, and basic. These classes are determined based on different specifications aimed at cooling your food and drinks. Does the appliance have a fresh zone, supercooling, and a carbon filter? The more specs the fridge has, the better the cool quality.

What is build quality?

Build quality fridge

We also divide the build quality of the fridge in 3 classes: top-notch, mid-range, and basic. For build quality, we look at specification that say something about the lifespan of the fridge. Does the fridge have an inverted motor so it wears less? Or is the condenser covered so the appliance can get rid of the heat? The more specs the fridge has, the better the build quality.

What are the energy costs of my fridge?

Energy costs fridge

A fridge uses quite a lot of energy. The energy consumption of a fridge depends on the size and the energy label. If you want to calculate how much you'll pay for your fridge in energy costs per year, use the following formula: Energy consumption = kWh per year (see energy label) x 0.23.

What extra functions do you want in your fridge?

Extra functions fridge

Do you also hate defrosting your fridge? Go for a model with NoFrost, and you'll never have to defrost again. With an American fridge with ice dispenser, you'll always have a glass of ice-cold water at hand. More and more smart fridges are popping up on the market, too. You can connect these fridges to WiFi. This way, you can use your phone in the supermarket to check if you're still stocked up on milk and eggs.

Is the fridge suitable for your shed or garage?

Tabletop fridge

When placing a fridge, you need to take the climate class into account. This indicates at which temperature the fridge keeps performing well, among other things. Do you want to place the fridge in your shed, for example? It's important to know the temperature of the shed. Most fridges work when the ambient temperature is 10 degrees Celsius and up. Only place the fridge in your shed if you're sure the temperature never drops below 10 degrees Celsius.

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